Monday, November 8, 2010

Petrang Kabayo


Typical Wenn Derramas movie: exaggeration, slapstick, DJ Durano. The movie is so-so and turns out to be a bore after the transformation scene. However, credit should be given where it is due. This is only the third local movie to pass the 100-million mark this year, that despite the poor material and the fact that this is Vice Ganda's launching movie. Given those factors, what this movie has achieved is already remarkable in itself.

What happens to Vice Ganda after this movie? He seems to lack the versatility of recent comedy breakout stars such as Eugene Domingo. Take for example that one scene where he cries with his father in the hospital. John Arcilla's attack is so subtle yet just right for the scene, while his is already bordering on hysterical. Perhaps he can do drama, but can he do it well enough for the audience to momentarily forget his punchlines and succumb to the sudden change of mood? Could he portray characters other than himself? Unless he could prove that, he might just turn out to be a one-trick pony.

In spite of the repetitive nature of the punchlines, somehow the audience still manage to laugh, which is perhaps due to the familiarity with such scenarios. It is not at all rare to find such people in real life who have the knack for stating the obvious and asking stupid questions. One way or another you might have already encountered them, and the sarcastic retort you failed to deliver then, Vice Ganda does for you here.

Luis Manzano and stupid roles. He should have taken advantage of the momentum built by his In My Life stint to successfully cross over to serious roles. He could have done indie films to further hone his acting skills, but instead he chooses useless roles like this where all he ever does is remove his shirt and play with his voice as if it were funny (it is not). Is that his concept of progress?

Anne Curtis cameo, yey! But no Roderick Paulate? It would have been nice to give tribute to the original Petra by giving him a minute role like that of the Dyosa ng mga Kabayo.

CGI of the horse is not that good, but effective enough specially in that scene where the kalesa is almost hit by the van. A real horse could have been used in other scenes, but perhaps it is really their intention to extract some comic value out of poorly done CGI.

The kid who plays the role of the little sister is good enough with her lines and delivery to counter the monotony of Vice Ganda's tedious tirades.

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