Saturday, September 11, 2010

Despicable Me


This movie is just full of cuteness, from the adorable toddler Agnes (It's so FLUFFEEE!!!) to Dru's cousins who are reminiscent of those little green aliens from Toy Story. They even have their own language! All this makes up for the main story's lack of depth, which is easily forgiven in films made with kids as the target market. While lacking in terms of story and predictable when it comes to the plot, the movie's theme is very clear: Fatherhood. This makes it more appealing as a family movie since not only the kids but also the new dads, or any dad who has to deal with toddlers, could easily relate to it.

With regards to the jokes, they are 50-50 for the adults. Sometimes Gru just disappears and in his place you see Steve Carell as if you are watching an episode of The Office. His brand of comedy is easily distinguishable as his, no matter what role he plays. This sometimes becomes a disadvantage because all of them tend to point back to that one role of his that is easily recognizable, again, his character in The Office.

One joke falls flat, the one where he says that Miss Hattie's face is como un burro. Probably for the Latin American audience. Burro means donkey or better yet for this joke, ass, which is meant as a double entendre. It ceases to be funny when you are the only one laughing hard on such a joke because no one else got it. I probably looked like an idiot.

For kids, the movie would be highly enjoyable because it is colorful and abounds with  exaggerated scenarios not at all alien to this genre. The best animated feature to which it could be compared would be Monsters vs. Aliens. In short, an animated feature for children. Not so much in league with Up or Toy Story. It is one enjoyable movie, period.

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