Sunday, July 25, 2010



This is just the right kind of mindfvck good enough to redeem a Saturday night after seeing a disappointing comedy. The special effects are superb and you do not have to leave your brain at the door! The mind enjoys as much as the eyes do. It is a complete package! More movies like this please!

The thing is, you have to think to enjoy this movie. There are special effects, yes, but halfway through it you would probably just walk out frustrated if your eyes do all the work. It would just seem like a series of disjointed action scenes that do not make any sense. On the contrary, you cannot just ruminate and spoil the fun. The director just would not let you. Christopher Nolan is both graphic and profound when it comes to film making, makes me want to see Memento. Jessica Zafra has a point, it seems like he swallowed a Philosophy textbook and turned it into a unique cinematic experience.

The acting does not catch that much attention, neither negative nor positive. It comes third after the premise and the CGI, which both do a great job keeping you preoccupied enough not to think of anything else.

The concept of a dream inside a dream inside another dream and then yet another dream is really confusing but the movie is able to maintain believability by sticking to the rules of the universe it has created for itself. Either that or most of the the audience are really just lost trying to digest all that, hence the generally positive reviews.

The movie kind of lost me in the end. Were they able to come back? Or is that an alternate reality already for Di Caprio's character, at least? His totem does not stop spinning in the end and there is no clear indication that he and Watanabe's character got their kick. Thoughts?

The movie itself functions like a dream. You do not know how it begins, it just hits you like that and you only know what hit you after you wake up. The reality debate is also fun to participate in. What is really real? And how do we know that it actually is. It is like the freaking Matrix, HAHAHA. On to the online fora now, time for some mentally stimulating discussions!

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