Monday, May 3, 2010

Working Girls


Plot is all over the place. Too many characters, which: a) prohibits cohesion in the storyline; and b) leaves most subplots undeveloped and not engaging enough for you to care. The attempt for cohesion in One Night Only (another multi-character Jose Javier Reyes flick) is better. Movie is saved by a handful of characters with colorful personalities, albeit a bit over the top (e.g. Eugene Domingo and Cristine Reyes).

Eugene Domingo steals the show from all of the girls, which is ironic because she is totally detached from their storyline. She has her own interesting subplot all to herself, which could have been expounded in lieu of the other less interesting characters' and added more entertainment value to the movie as a whole. What is notable is that while she does steal the limelight from the girls, she does not manage to upstage Ricky Davao. This results in enjoyable scenes of them together. Less shouting from her and it could have been better.

Since the movie is about "working girls" they could have opted for less characters and focused more on the younger ones (Bianca King, Iza Calzado, Jennylyn Mercado, Cristine Reyes). They actually have the more interesting stories tell, but left mostly untouched because of the screen time they have to share with the older members of the cast.

Ruffa Gutierrez always gets the social climber roles. Yes Ruffa, you are very convincing every time. Hooray for you. What's new? Why do we need to see you do it over and over again? No need for reiteration, we already get the point. Eula Valdes enjoys what role is given to her, but comes off as one dimensional because there is no effort at all to humanize the character. She is just the celebrity derma stereotype.

Good acting from Ina Feleo (Is that Ina Feleo?). Short screen time but very honest performance. The Iza Calzado - Jao Mapa - Ina Feleo story arc is just one of the unconnected subplots (except that the doctor is Eula Valdes' BF and Iza Calzado is Jennylyn Mercado's friend) yet prove to be the interesting ones to watch.

Perhaps watching the original version would shed more light to the story. Dunno.

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