Saturday, April 3, 2010

Babe, I Love You


I love Anne Curtis. In fact I could write a 500-page reaction paper on why I love Anne Curtis, how she effortlessly manages to still exude some class regardless of whatever pokpokish outfit she is asked to wear, and how her acting and Tagalog skills have improved through the years. But Anne Curtis is Anne Curtis. She is not the movie. And the movie is... bland. And the story, very common. Candid poster, albeit irrelevant.

Sam Milby is back to playing himself again. If his objective is to get richer and more popular then go ahead, but if honing his craft is on the priority list then he should demand for more challenging roles, like drama, or what he did in And I Love You So.

Is the cinema in Greenbelt 1 just cheap, or does this movie's cinematography just suck? The first few scenes are not clear, and there are a lot of shots that are dark. It is like watching a 3D movie without the glasses on. Or maybe this movie is meant to be watched in 3D, who knows.

STAR CINEMA ROM-COM TEMPLATE - Guy should: a) have truckload of personal issues to justify cold and bitchy demeanor; b) have nice set of abs (if possible) for display; Girl should: a) have positive outlook in life; b) have quirky behavior bordering on wacky (for entertainment purposes). Insert annoyingly loud sound clip of chorus of theme song (also the title of the movie) during an intimate scene (if obligatory sex scene not available). Leave story open-ended so it would not seem forced, and would not seem obvious that the writer ran out of ideas and just opted for convenience.

How many Rom-Coms are you going to give us this year, Star Cinema? And how similar will they all be? We can watch similar stories on your home network ABS-CBN. FOR FREE. Heck, some of the shows there are even more experimental when it comes to plot development and characterization. But who are we to demand, right? What sells, sells.

Box Office forecast? Paano Na Kaya grossed 80M. Miss You Like Crazy is currently at 140M. Perhaps this one would gross around 90M or lower, matching When Love Begins. That one squared off with Iron Man, this one with Clash of the Titans. I highly doubt good word of mouth to support strong legs in the box office.

Babe, I Love You is a movie you would not mind seeing on a lazy Saturday afternoon. On your couch. On Cinema One. But I still am a fan of yours, Anne Curtis. Please stay away from Rom-Coms and do something more serious, like that Baler gig a year ago. Really, you deserve better projects. And do not mind the ASAP nip slip. Only sexy starlets go down after such a scandal, and you are not one of them.

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