Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paano Na Kaya


Kudos on the poster, Star Cinema; very candid and less like the previous ones that have that whole why-are-we-posing-like-we-are-in-a-telenovela-promo feel. But the title is still that of a song. When will you start getting innovative and give us something out of the box such as "Syinota Ko Ang Bestfriend Ko"? Or better yet, when will you give us another movie genre aside from romantic comedies? It is the same old shit every year!

Rebound love story. If a best friend is acting more like your yaya, there must be ulterior motives involved. You could then try to take advantage and be user friendly (which makes you a moron), or draw the line so no one would get hurt.

Why is it only in the movies that people stop traffic and have a lover's (or ex-lover's) quarrel in the middle of the street? Because in real life, angry motorists will just run you over, or worse, someone will go Jason Ivler on you. Please, do not emulate.

More workshops for Gerald Anderson. Acting skills are improving but still come off as amateur. Kim Chiu is the one with more significant improvement in the acting department, but again, so thin. Nothing wrong with that, it is just that it makes her look fragile. Too bad, because she carry clothes quite well, would be a lot better if she gets some curves.

Ellen Degeneres, is that you? Zsa Zsa Padilla should be singing less and acting more. While the clothes look great on Melissa Ricks, the wig does not do her any favors. She looks like a has-been comedienne with a deformed face in the close-up shots, which is a shame because she is actually pretty.

The last scene is magazine perfect! The shades, Kim Chiu's dress, Gerald Anderson's crisp formal attire. People should be asked to dress like that once a week to counter Casual Friday, hahaha. The ending lacks impact. Perhaps, that is why they just dressed them up like that.

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