Sunday, February 14, 2010

Defending the Caveman (Theater Mogul)


Men negotiate. Women coordinate. Put them together, they misinterpret one another. Plausible explanation, not too far fetched. I like how it is claimed that men and women are actually from two different cultures, HAHAHA. Kudos to Joel Trinidad for keeping the audience entertained and hooked for well over an hour. That is a very hard thing to do specially if you are the only one on stage and you do nothing but rant and preach. This show is short and one could just wish that it were a bit a longer, but at least it is not dragging.

The charm of this one-man show is really on the no non-sense analysis of the quintessential debate on man versus woman. It would really take an actor of good caliber to pull off this role. The presentation is done in such a manner that one would not get bored. The actor uses feminine gestures and voice to mock the female gender without crossing the line to being offensive. The atmosphere is never tense, laughter always fills the room.

Aside from the laughs, a good thesis is actually presented here. The comparison between man and woman is analyzed based on an evolutionary perspective, looking at the lifestyle of the caveman and cavewoman for enlightenment. Besides, there must be some real anthropological study out there proving the "caveman as hunter and cavewoman as gatherer hypothesis to be true.

The set is minimal and does not really contribute much to the content. Everything can actually be done through improvisation. The lighting does help though, regardless how the effects have been limited to dimming. What is interesting though is the creative mini Caveman movie that is seen in the intro. It gives a good overview of what is to be expected of the show while not ceasing to be funny, by poking fun on contemporary pop culture.

After watching the show I think I can say that I understand my mother better now, and her obsession with groceries and household chores. HAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHA. Women... HAHAHAHA.

There would be a rerun on May 15, RCBC Makati, for those who have not seen it yet. And for those who would want to see it again. Better if you bring a member of the opposite sex and see the reaction, HEHEHE.

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