Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


There are only two embedded scenes in the first segment of the end credits and absolutely none after the long credits end rolling so no need to stay and wait.

I love Sam's mommy because she is so retarded. She even hit a Decepticon with a handbag. A white handbag. Or maybe the actors really just have great chemistry. It is like watching a dysfunctional family on reality TV. I love them. I love Mojo and his new puppy love too!

I love John Turturro because he is just as psychotic as Bumblebee. His short remarks are funny (under the enemy scrotum, remodeling the pyramid) I also love the senile Decepticon and the little Remote Control Decepticon with a filthy mouth. They take care of the the comedy when the parents are not around.

I love Bumblebee's loyalty to Mikaela. What torture he does to that slutty new girl is funny. For a machine, he does have a good sense of humor. The twin Autobots, on the other hand, are borderline annoying. I do not find their quips funny at all, which is a shame because they have a rather kick-ass introduction: Suck my Popsicle!

I will not say that Megan Fox's acting improved in this movie because it has not. She is still just the obligatory hot chick. She would probably win an Oscar if put up against three Autobots and a Decepticon. Oops, let me take that back, that hottie Decepticon with a very long tongue might even win it.

I do not like the American politician, just as annoying as the new Twin Autobots. I hate that scene where something bad happens because the Autobots arrive late. What, are they like the PNP now or something?

The ending is not a cliffhanger but the director really made sure that a sequel is possible. It is one of those endings where you can say, Okay, there COULD be a sequel, and there definitely would be because from what I have heard, Megan Fox is signed to do TWO sequels, and I see no reason for Hollywood to stop milking such a profitable franchise.

As for the North American Box Office, I think this would be the first legit contender for this year's top spot. Star Trek is currently in the lead but has not secured the top spot well enough (Up could even topple it before this movie does) for it to stay there for long. Harry Potter and New Moon might not be strong enough to pose a serious threat, so I think there is a big possibility that this movie would top this year's North American Box Office. Another factor is that there are no Spider-Man, Shrek, or Pirates of the Caribbean sequels this year, which hindered the first Transformers movie from topping the NABO in 2007.

As for the local box office, I think Sarah and JLC should savor their victory while they still can. This movie uses the same formula as the first one: explosions, comedy, out-of-this-world special effects, easy-to-follow storyline. First movie grossed a total of PhP277M. Prediction for this one is minimum of PhP250M. PhP300M tops.

If Hollywood ever gets tired of Michael Bay then maybe he could consider a career as a soap opera director here in the Philippines. He has potential! He is very good when it comes to explosions. And then there is that very Pinoy dream sequence at the near end of the movie (Pinoy telenovela addicts would easily spot this) and of course that scene where the Autobots arrive late (So Philippine police...) Baby switching na lang ang kulang, ready to go na. FYI, Michael Bay reportedly got $175M for the first movie because he had a share of profits. Shia LaBeouf only got $500k. Imagine that.

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