Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drag Me to Hell


HAHAHAHA! HAHAHA, shit. HAHAHAHA! Oh my God, I am so sorry, HAHAHA! I just could not stop. HAHAHAHA! I almost fell off my seat laughing when the goat started talking, HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously though, you must see this film. This is going to be be the most enjoyable film you will ever see this year. I am dead serious. Look, I gave it 5/5.

You know how low budget horror flicks tend to be unintentionally funny because they take themselves so seriously like Oooh, look this movie is horror, awoo! and then a box full of computer generated cockroaches that would disappoint even a seven-year-old kid suddenly comes to the picture and then you laugh because it is so corny and mediocre? Well, this movie is the exact opposite. It is downright sarcastic but the CGI makes it obvious that it is a big budget film. It is like a not so disappointing version of a movie that supposedly spoofs horror flicks (ahem, Scary Movie, ahem, corny).

I think the sound effects is the reason why the movie is so effective as a thriller. Sam Raimi is not afraid to use those wicked sound effects that could give you a heart attack. The audience's reaction is plain wacky, they are screaming and laughing at the same time. They are laughing not because the CGI is bad but because the situation/lines are kind of absurd but serious, yet they are screaming because the sound effects are just so well executed that it really gives you a shock even if you do not want to admit it.

Call me a wuss but I would not EVER dare cross Mrs. Sylvia Ganush. That old lady is just so freaky, and persistent. And she also loves using her mouth, with or without dentures, to attack people. The fight scene in the car is so thrilling and fun, not to mention funny! HAHAHA! I beat you old bitch! HAHAHA. This film is crazy. I can still recall the scene. HAHAHAHA! Sam Raimi rocks. Sylvia Ganush should win the new MTV Movie WTF Award next year. Amy Poehler urinating on a sink does not even come close to what WTF moments this woman is capable of.

I really enjoyed this movie. I think it is a breath of fresh air from the horror and horror spoofs that we have been getting lately. I do not even want to categorize it, I would not know how. It is sort of caught in between horror and horror spoof. Just watch it and see for yourself. The story is plain old school gypsy curse given a somewhat modern twist. Fun fun movie. HAHAHA. Laughs and shocks guaranteed. Watch it!

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