Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens


The plot is juvenile. This is not to say that the movie is not good, in fact it is enjoyable. It is just that it caters more to kids and pa-kids. Mostly the kids were the ones heard laughing when I watched this. The story is predictable and there are some witty lines, though not very many, for adults to enjoy. Nowadays, it is debatable if someone says that an animated flick only appeals to children, what with movies like Wall-E disproving the stereotype, but I think this movie really is for kids and fits that stereotype rather well.

The funniest character for me would be B.O.B. It has no brain, which in its opinion is overrated, so consequently it says and does things that you would not expect. I LOLed in that particular scene when Ginormous asked it to get the people off the bridge and of course the budding love affair with the green Gel-o, HAHAHA!

What just got me confused was the size of Reese's character. Since all of them have different heights it is kind of hard to imagine how tall or small they really are, unless they were mixed with the humans.

Another funny scene for me would be Miss Ronson screaming every time each of the monsters were introduced. The film does that a lot, constant repetition until the technique gets old or exaggerated but they get away with it anyway specially with kids in the audience. In the end, you just laugh with them.

Perhaps a figure skater conceptualized Reese's character? The occasional skating using different boots was a hint but then it became quite obvious once you see the character's costume on the second half. Or maybe that is just how the creative team views Aliens, glittery.

Do not leave right away because there is a scene a few minutes after the credits roll.

Insectosorous is cute. Who agrees with me? HAHAHA.

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