Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beware, I’m Jurassic

It’s actually easy. All I’d have to do is make an afternoon side trip to Bench or Penshoppe and shop for those Bermuda shorts and collar shirt thingies they usually wear. It’s very easy to blend in; what with my petite frame and aura of naiveté it’s easy to mistake me for a minor. I don’t know. Perhaps I really just don’t want to because there’s no reason for it. I’d rather stick to my all black wardrobe screaming “BEWARE! I’m more Jurassic than you think!”

Having students born in the 90’s onwards as your classmates could only mean that you are loitering around campus for quite some time already. It always makes me laugh, thinking about it. These entities were the ones busy engaging in fist fights and showing off their Pokemon card collections while I was patiently waiting for my university entrance exam results.

My then 16-year-old self would laugh at me big time if he sees me now, or maybe he’ll say, “Shit, so this is what would become of me. I better erase ‘growing up’ from my to-do list!” Well he is in part at fault, that ambitious bastard. He made a promise to himself that he would finish college in three years and a half. Well congratulations, six years and running!

While it seems that I am just ranting here, I actually enjoy a lot of perks in this situation. Every day when the attendance list (usually yellow pad) comes I play a game called Find the Jurassic Students. It’s quite a challenge specially in the GE classes but in PI 100 it is a little easier, not much of a challenge actually. Finding any student number from 2003 and below is the objective of the game. Finding a 90’s student number would be the jackpot.

As for the wardrobe I think it’s just my way of saying, “I’m older than you all are, really.” I don’t know why I would like to send off that signal to everyone in the classroom, maybe because it has its advantages. Some people actually think that I’m already working *lol*. That would help if the professor thinks so too. Maybe they could have a different perspective of me and not mind my being delinquent. I so hate my brain right now, so KSP.

In a way I enjoy being in the company of these kids. Their faces are spotless; the kind people have before their pimples decide to have an excursion... on their face. They are oh, so optimistic and I love playing devil’s advocate saying, Pagdating mo ng third year or fourth year tatamarin ka na, promise. I guess it is way too early to feel so old. In effect I like being around these kids. Their optimistic outlook in life kind of brings me back to the days of my own carefree naive existence, the innocence once present but now lost.

Okay, less emo rants from now on... That’s if I could help it.

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