Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween’s Resolutions 2007

Last year at exactly November 1 I wrote an article called Halloween’s Resolutions which actually was the first blog entry in this Multiply site. I think I explained that my personal New Year is September and since the actual New Year that people celebrate is January I decided to make the “Compromise” New Year November, thus Halloween’s Resolution. I’ve just been busy the last few days and it is only now I’ve realized that my resolutions are 2 days late. But what were the Halloween’s Resolutions last year? How many of them came true? RECAP!
-         Write a fictional blog starting November
-         Dye my hair white
-         Read and finish foreign language novels
-         Do public service for my high school batch mates
-         Be more than just the average student
Unfortunately folks none of them came true. Actually some of them partially did but still it is a failure, hahaha.

Write a fictional blog starting November
            It did partially come true. I did publish two entries but I got tired when I was nearing the third. I am a frustrated writer. There are like a thousand concepts swimming in my head right now, all waiting to be immortalized maybe on paper, maybe online, maybe on screen! The problem is I think I don’t have the writing skills yet to write an effective novel or screenplay. I can’t even convincingly describe a simple object. Corny naman kung akin yung idea tapos iba pagsusulatin ko. Maybe someday it will come true, at the right time. If not, then I will just pitch the concepts somewhere just for them to be realized even if I don’t get the credit.

Dye my hair white
            There is no question about this. I will dye my hair white. The only point of contention is when it will be done. Now that there is an impending coup d’état within the host body no one really knows how long ihcahieh can put up a fight. If Dan the Wrathful wins, expect the white hair within 24 hours.  White hair + handy fireball = Dan the Wrathful, that’s his trademark. Unfortunately ihcahieh is still somehow standing strong amidst all the commotion (I don’t think he will ever give up until he sees a toga on the host body’s head) and of course another entity is also interested to take over. What I see here though is a compromise between the two competing entities. ihcahieh has just reached his expiration date. He will not last long. It all boils down to whose fashion statement will prevail, definitely not ihcahieh’s.

Read and finish foreign language novels
            I did finish Como Agua para Chocolate! As for Le Petit Prince and Veronica Decide Morrer there simply is no bookstore in this country that has original language versions. What am I to do? Maybe I’ll just read those when I get the time to visit Brazil or Paris but as of now I think it will all just be Isabel Allende and Gabriel Gárcia Marquez galore.

Do public service for my high school batch mates
            Batch mates! I have long wanted to go to Bene, meet a former teacher or two along with two batch mates, take pictures and videos of the new Bene and post it all here. The problem is I don’t have the necessary stuff to do it. I don’t have a camera. I don’t have time. I don’t even have your contact numbers. Maybe I could get to start next year but I won’t promise anything. I do miss high school but I have long established the fact that I could not go back and so I am not obsessed with it anymore. When the right time comes though my Multiply contacts will be the first one to see. Gusto ko na interview-hin si Ma’m Sharon!

Be more than just the average student
            Hello... This has been part of every birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s resolution for all of my life! What I’ve learned though is that you don’t really say this, you do it. The last two semesters I’ve had in UP have been abysmal. This coming semester would be my last regular semester before I bid UP goodbye and so whether or not I’ll redeem myself from the shameful descent of my academic career or plunge even deeper, I don’t really know. I think I will just wait and see. Besides if it won’t happen then it simply is not meant to be.

            You have been one lousy academically burned-out geek responsible for draining the life out of this host body. You have totally disregarded the fact that there are three of us here all wanting a fair share of the action. While we don’t discount your efforts to further improve the host as far as academic and extra curricular “intellectual” skills are concerned, we neither could ignore the fact that your selfish interests have eventually led to the boring life we are living right now. Depression and boredom, these are the two major concepts that govern your definition of life. Well surprise! You have cut my long comatose gig short. I’m awake now. After 193, no matter how cliché it might sound, I’ve figured it would be fun to be a Romantic for a change. We’re not here to think. We’re here to feel, live, be. I’ll be implementing reforms soon. It’s time to party.

            Tapos na ang maliligayang araw mo. Nagsisimula pa lang ako pero umeepal ka pa rin. Pati ang pagju jiu jitsu ko sinasabotahe mo. I am delighted by the fact that you have squeezed learning German in our hectic schedule, pinasasalamatan kita dun pero tapos na. Sawa na kami. Pati yung comatose dito nagigising sa mga katarantaduhan mo. We all share the same goals and we agree with the ends that you are trying to meet but we don’t agree with your means. Kung gusto mo mamatay sa ka boring-an, tang ina ikaw na lang. Tig anim na buwan kami. Pababayaan ka pa rin namin sa mga trip mo sa buhay pero di na kami papayag na tira tirang oras na lang ang sa amin. Time’s up. Thank the freaking heavens that you still get to enjoy a little freedom we are willing to give you. You are outnumbered. Don’t fight it.

Dan the Wrathful

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