Saturday, December 23, 2006

Selamat Datang Rewind

Dezembro 17 – 23
Selamat Datang Rewind

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Excuse My French [2BE3]
  2. Dance Like This [WYCLEF]
  3. Hindi Ako Bakla [MICHAEL V]
  4. Es por Tí [JUANES]
  5. These Boots Are Made for Walking [SIMPSON]

Movie of the Week: Love Actually
  • Cute Love Story: Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon.
  • Cuter Love Story: Liam Neeson’s kid and the girl who sang All I Want for Christmas is You.
  • Weird Love Story: The two porn stars.
  • Weirder Love Story: Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. Professor Snape and Professor Trelawney?
  • Weirdest Love Story: Billy Nighy and the Fat Manager.
  • Bad Love Story: Alan Rickman and the flirting assistant. Bad!
  • Sad Love Story: Laura Linney and the Latino office mate.
  • Sadder Love Story: Keira Knightley and the husband’s bestfriend. Grabe ang lungkot talaga ng love story nila... Huhuhu.
  • Favorite Love Story: Colin Firth and the Portuguese woman.
  • If you want to be infected by the Christmas Love Bug, watch this movie. It’s worth every minute of your time.
  • Masaya din ang soundtrack specially yung All I Want for Christmas is You nga! Basta feel na feel and Christmas!
On Bookstores: The Bookstores Here
Wala na itatakwil ko na ang Powerbooks at Fully Booked. Hehehe. I just found bookstores here. Borders, MPH, and of course the Kinokuniya branch in KLCC all have big collections of books that could give the two mentioned Philippine bookstores a run for their money.

What impressed me was their wide collection of foreign language (teach yourself) books. Teach Yourself series, check. Language for Dummies series, check. Idiot’s Guides, check. Colloquial series, check. Wow. Parang ayaw ko na talaga umalis sa foreign language section nila, hehehe.

Forced Addiction: 24 Season Five
Brother bought complete pirated DVD collection for Christmas (Advanced). Sa araw araw na ginawa ng Diyos wala na akong narinig kundi Sentox, Jack Bauer, terrorist attack, President Logan, Vladimir Bierko, satellites, microchip, if you don’t comply we will release the nerve gas, hands up where I can see them, drop your weapons, there are terrorists out there and if you don’t do as I say thousands of Americans will die. Please save me from Jack Bauer. Purgang purga na po ako, umaga-tanghali-gabi! Tsk tsk tsk.

Showbiz: Wala akong balita masyado, alam ko lang nagwawala pa rin si Britney Spears. Napanood ko na yung Amazing Race Asia sa wakas. Ano ba naman yun? Yung host parang laging mananapak na napipikon. Yung mga challenges wala sa kalingkingan nung mga nasa Amazing Race US. Tapos dumaan sila ng Singapore para lang maglinis ng kotse tapos ni hindiman lang nila ginamit? What the?!

Family: Yes I am happy na nakita k0 na rin ang parents ko after almost two years. Iba pa rin pala yung alam mong nasa kabilang kwarto lang ang family mo tapos sabay sabay kayo kumakain ng lunch, dinner, etc. I thought I concluded that that kind of family bonding is not ideal anymore and I dismissed it as corny. Ok fine I was wrong. Enjoy na lang ako while it lasts, less than a month! :(

Languages: Language learning is getting boring. I am thinking of tossing in an Asian language in the mix to spice it all up. Learning several languages from one language family is practical but it gets repetitive in the long run, boring! Choices have been narrowed down to three Asian Languages: Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese. The last one might just win the slot and I don’t know why.

Academics: Are you kidding? Unfortunately not. Hindi pa rin ako makatakas sa academics kahit vacation simply because ngayon ako naghahabol ng mga readings na kinatamaran ko nung school days. To add to that meron pa kaming report na dapat paghandaan so yes nagbabasa basa pa rin ako dito ng academic readings pero di naman kasing haggard kagaya dati. Ang bilis ng araw!!!

Selamat Datang Rewind: Balik Malaysia na naman ako. This time we are in the city. Masaya rin dito kahit paano. Nakakatuwa kasi mas litaw dito sa city ang differences ng buhay rito at sa Pilipinas. If you go here make sure you dine in at the nearest KFC branch and you will see all the difference in a nutshell. They don’t eat their chicken with gravy, they use ketchup. We have to beg them to sell us some gravy, and no it is not an exaggeration. It is normal to see Muslim Malays (mga nakabalot), Indians (mga may pula sa noo), Chinese, and here in the city, Caucasians. Playing Count the Caucasians just like when I visited Singapore has been a form of entertainment. Count the Chinese or Count the Indians are both challenging. Kamusta naman e ang dami nila rito. Honestly I missed this country and yes it’s a nice getaway from the busy life back in Manila.

Future: Revised Plan C (Expanded Version): Lamierda sa Asya at Europa. Napag isip isip ko lang, bakit Europe agad? If I want a better understanding of the world I should start dito sa Asya! Mas mura pa! I could enroll myself right away at NUS for an MA degree thanks to the money I’ll earn from my job then get those language scholarships after. Still thinking and revising...

Surroundings: Hindi ko gusto ang MRT dito. Pareho lang din ng sa Pilipinas maraming tulakan at siksikan! Ang kaibahan lang dito merong bonus pagsakay mo ng MRT, amoy bayabas na prineserve ng limang taon. It must be those Indians. At least sa MRT natin kahit siksikan bihira ang ganun. So far mas gusto ko dito sa city pero nami miss ko yung probinsya from almost two years ago. =)

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