Monday, January 29, 2007

Brain Dead

Janeiro 21– 27
Brain Dead

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Save Room [LEGEND]
  2. Someday [NINA]
  3. The Blower's Daughter [RICE]
  4. Qué Pasa? [JUANES]
  5. Do You Only Wanna Dance [BIG BAND]
Movie of the Week: Click
  • Sandler is given a free "universal" remote controller that could control everything. As usual it goes out of control and...
  • Film marketed as comedy but there is more to it than that. This film is worth every minute. Masaya, may lesson, for the whole family!
  • Ang galing ng make up artist ng movie na ito, ngayon alam ko na ang itsura nila Kate Beckinsale and Adam Sandler pagtanda nila at naniniwala ako na ganun nga ang magiging itsura nila.
  • Ang ganda ni Kate Beckinsale dito. Bagay sa kanya yung mga ganitong roles kesa sa mga roles na namamaril siya ng werewolf o kaya nakikipaghagaran kay Hartnett habang binobomba sila ng mga Hapon.
  • Nakaka relate ako kasi gusto ko na rin i fast forward ang buhay ko, lol. Minsan kasi we forget the important things in life, lol, impokrito, hahaha.
  • Ok yung kantahan sa huli. Siguro talagang naaliw lang ako sa Big Band. The Best Things in Life Are Free tiyaka maganda yung Call Me Irresponsible, pinariringgan ako, lol.
  • Another one of those second chance films. Past films with same premise: If Only and Femme Fatale.
TOP TEN: Soundtrack of the Malaysia Era [FEB 2005 – OCT 2005]
It’s funny how a song could bring back memories from the past. Wala lang I’ve just realized that when I hear a certain song I often associate it with a certain “era” as I would like to call it, clusters of relevant events in the past that remind us of memories worth remembering and haunt us with those that are not so pleasant but still undeniably part of the past and had a contribution in molding us as the individuals that we are today. How does a song make it to the list of “Period Markers” = Constant repetition. Catchy melody. Relevant lyrics. Etcetera.
10. Mr. Brightside (The Killers)
09. Trouble (Pink)
08. Masaya (Bamboo)
07. Breathe (Michelle Branch)
06. La Descarada (Reyli Barba)
05. These Boots Are Made for Walking (Jessica Simpson)
04. Breeze on By (Donny Osmond)
03. Can We Still Be Friends (Mandy Moore)
02. True (Ryan Cabrera)
01. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day)

Politics: Nagsagutan sila AP Cayetano at Mike Arroyo, dinamay pa ang ADMU. Nagkalat na ang mga TV commercials ng mga nangangampanyang politiko, utang na loob Enero pa lang! Tatakbo daw si Hilary Clinton for president? E si Condoleeza? Are they really ready for a woman to lead their country? Nagpa party hopping pa rin ang mga ambisyosong gustong maging Senador.

Oscar Nominations: Surprise! No Volver in Foreign Language Film Category, Pan’s Labyrinth na winner dito malamang. No Dreamgirls in Best Picture category. Best Supporting Actress Category: same with Golden Globes except that Emily Blunt was replaced by Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) Same Actress Nominees. For Actor, nadagdag lang si Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson). 03/25/07’

Languages: Dropped every single language self-learn module on the everyday to-do list. I need a break. Will attend free Korean classes sponsored by UP Arirang starting January 31, 2007. Maybe will go back to daily Korean mini lessons after Midterms end but for European Languages, break muna. Practical application of Portuguese via weekend job at office. Yun na muna for languages.

Work: I made a drastic change by shifting to Portuguese support. It's just that though my shift is a dream come true (Friday-Sunday only) there are barely any calls for Spanish support during those hours. I don't want to get sacked yet for underperforming nor do I want to lose the shift. I've realized that there are more avenues for learning Spanish outside the office than there is Portuguese.

Academics: I am having problems. I think I have mental problems, lol. Basta kasi before kapag nagbabasa ako ng libro may it be paperback fiction or textbook, I don't have to read twice tatatak yan sa utak ko. Ngayon hindi na, parang hirap na mag absorb yung utak ko. Para bang tinatamad na siya. Ok din naman yung depression na dala ng sitwasyon na ito. Siguro nababaliw na nga ako. After every depression is the elevator up kaya feeling good afterwards. The problem now is how to survive one more year in the university. Sipagin pa kaya ulit ag utak ko? Unfortunately quitting is not an option. Tsk tsk tsk the problems that psycho people like me have... As I said my brain is under state of rebellion. The body managed to survive two Midterm examinations despite this. Because of this language studies have been canceled temporarily.

Surroundings: Ang lamig lamig ng hangin ngayon. Pag uwi ko ng madaling araw grabe kulang na lang mag snow sa lamig o kaya liparin ako sa lakas, lol. Ok din naman kasi sa gabi parang libreng aircon. Ngayon ko lang na realize na hindi na 7.50 ang singil ng jeepney driver, 7.00 na lang, not that I care kasi 6.00 lang binabayaran ko, lol. Basta ok na yung malamig na hangin na walang ulan.

Future: Maybe it’s not bad to obsess about it. Toned down planning a little bit to use as survival tool to face the academic crisis I am having right now. Current plan is to grab as many language grants that could be grabbed as an excuse to not spend money to be saved for an MA at NUS which would entail another year of academically focused life right after graduation. Hell no, I’m definitely resting!

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