Wednesday, August 25, 2021

What If...?: Episode 3

3. What If... The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?
In an alternate universe, the Avengers initiative fails after a series of mysterious sabotage. Black Widow accidentally kills Tony Stark. Hawkeye unwittingly kills Thor before falling dead while in custody. Romanoff manages to escape and is asked by Fury to investigate. Her search brings her to Betty Ross who is hiding Bruce Banner. The Hulk does not stay alive for long as he blows up after succumbing to his anger. Meanwhile, Loki arrives with Asgard’s heroes to avenge his brother’s death, but Fury strikes a deal to deliver him his brother’s killer. Natasha finds out about the identity of the perpetrator before she bites the dust herself, which brings Fury to San Francisco to square off with Hank Pym. Donning Yellowjacket’s suit, he is revealed to be the culprit exacting revenge on Shield for the death of his daughter Hope while on duty. With no heroes left, Loki decides to extend his stay and rule Earth, but Fury has backup. He locates Captain America still buried in ice as Captain Marvel arrives asking where the fight is.

Ooh, I like this one. The storyline has just the right amount of mystery in it that compels you to watch the episode until the end. While the premise is heavily dependent on the Avengers, we only get to see most of them for a short time before they make their exit, making you wonder how the story will end. As with the first two episodes, the writers tickle our fancy by turning villains into heroes and vice-versa, most of the time catching us off guard once the big reveal is made. At this point I have learned to no longer ask whether these storylines are canon or not. It just gives me a headache trying to imagine a scenario where all these alternate characters from different universes would be interacting with one another. What a logistical nightmare would that be, not to mention it probably wouldn’t fit in a two-hour film or less. Even then, it is interesting to speculate what would have happened if this version of the Avengers came to fruition instead. With only Captains America and Marvel left in the group, I wonder who will complete the team.

“Humanity, so eager, so willing to face the impossible, yet blind to the bigger picture.” –Uatu

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