Friday, April 23, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 6

6. One World, One People
Karli and friends sabotage the GRC meeting, leading to chaos all over Midtown Manhattan as your heroes join the fray. Sam arrives with his newly customized Falcon suit from Wakanda bearing the stars and stripes and donning Captain America’s shield. Bucky tries to talk Karli out of her plans, but she just won’t listen. Sharon enters the scene in disguise and is revealed to be the Power Broker all along as she confronts Karli in an empty building. John Walker teams up with Bucky to rescue the GRC hostages and battle the Flag Smashers. After an extended fight scene all around NYC, the Flag Smashers are captured. Sharon shoots Batroc dead after he blackmails her. Morgenthau is wheeled to an ambulance. En route to the raft, the remaining Flag Smashers die in a bomb incident orchestrated by Zemo through his butler. The GRC revises its global relocation plan for blipped individuals after a speech from Sam. Sam gives Isaiah the tribute he deserves. John Walker is now officially US Agent. Sharon is pardoned by the US government.

So, you are telling me that Sharon Carter is not Mephisto? What’s next? Santa Claus is not real? My whole life has been one big lie? Anti-climactic, though. That’s the only big reveal in this episode and we already saw it coming from a mile away. Perhaps the best takeaway here is her very own character arc. She is obviously here to stay and being a gray character is way better than being the inconsequential love interest. I guess we can all agree that Marvel is finally making amends as far as their treatment of Sharon Carter and Jane Foster is concerned. As for the forever question of taking on the mantle, this show just made it official with that revised title card as the credits started rolling. Before you complain about how woke that is and how turned off you are by it, remember that Captain America has always been Marvel’s political mouthpiece. They obviously can’t discuss BLM in Thor or Guardians of the Galaxy, now, can they? Overall, a good run and just a fair balance between action and drama. Now, we wait for Loki.

“Things are about to get weird. So when they do, we're not gonna need a Captain America. We're gonna need a US Agent.” –Valentina

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