Friday, March 19, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 1

1. New World Order
Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) try to make sense of their new reality post-blip. The former keeps himself busy collaborating with the US Air Force in hunting down terrorist groups without compromising international relations. The latter attends therapy sessions and tries to make amends with the many wrongs of his Winter Soldier past but finds it quite difficult to do. The Falcon is given Captain America’s mantle but feels that the shoes are too big for him to fill. He surrenders the shield to the government to be put on display at the Smithsonian along with other Captain America legacy items. He goes back home to Louisiana and confronts some family issues with his sister who financially struggled during the 5 years of the blip. He gets constant intel from Air Force member Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) who is investigating a terrorist group called Flag Smashers in Europe. A new Captain America donning Steve’s shield is introduced to the public by the Department of Defense.

So, is Steve Rogers dead or is he just too old to function in an elderly home somewhere? They do tackle the issue, but the answers are rather vague as if keeping the door open for a possible cameo. Anyway, I thought The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would bore me, what with all the sepanx from WandaVision’s magical world. But then again, who can seriously get bored with that adrenaline packed opening sequence? Whatever action you yearned for in WandaVision and did not quite get, you are most likely to find here. The vibes are akin to the good old espionage theme of Captain America 2, which a lot of people enjoyed. For now, most of the details are kept under wraps, while the action was a bit frontloaded. Or maybe we have been so spoiled by the MCU for so long that quiet gaps allowing the characters to breathe are now frowned upon by the general fandom? In any case, with a 40-minute runtime and just 6 episodes to spare, it looks like this show is going to kick some major ass. Hopeful!

“Is that a new thing? Bad guys give themselves bad names.” –Sam

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