Saturday, September 29, 2018

[SEATTLE] Sleepy in Seattle

In line with limited vacation leaves per year and my annual Broadway Barrage tradition, I’ve decided that the best way to go about this one-week annual vacation is to transit on a weekend somewhere in the Pacific Coast before heading towards the Big Apple. For this year, Washington state became the obvious candidate because of the plethora of trans-Pacific flights landing there. Sleepy in Seattle it is, then. The objective is to see and do as much in two days before indulging in Broadway goodness.

Landing at SeaTac after lunch, my friends picked me up and we headed straight downtown, where the Space Needle is ever ubiquitous in the background. To shake off the jetlag, I treated myself to a Sundae cone at McDonalds, where we also decided to park. Crossing the street, you will immediately see the colorful Seattle Museum of Pop Culture. The building glitters under the sun in its trio of metallic silver, fuchsia, and blue exterior. As to what you’ll see inside we can only guess, because we didn’t bother to go in anymore.

To be honest, we seemed a lot more interested in the children’s park right in front of it. An area dubbed as Artists Play, it had benches, slides as well as a big open space in the middle painted to look like a giant flower. Sorry, but I will choose the park over the museum any time. This is what happens when you are a kid trapped in an adult’s body. The sad part is we couldn’t really enjoy the amenities because they cater more to legit kids, and it wouldn’t be a good look trying to outmaneuver them as their parents watch.

As mentioned, the Space Needle is the real star of the show. It will be stalking you from the background anywhere you go in the vicinity. I believe you can go all the way up there for a bird’s eye view of Seattle. Or can you, really? We never found out, because we just decided to walk around some more and enjoy the chill weather. What better way to get rid of jet lag than be in constant motion, right? The walk was peaceful, and the area has a lot of green zones that make gallivanting more enjoyable.

Along the way we passed by the Pacific Science Center, the Seattle Children’s Theater, the Space Needle again, some colorful murals here and there. I am loving downtown Seattle so far. It feels really chill. As we grew more tired of all the walking, our feet eventually took us to Chihuly Garden and Glass. And so, comes the question, what the hell is Chihuly Garden and Glass? I ended up taking a truckload of photos inside that museum, so it wouldn’t be fair for it not to have its own blog entry. So let’s leave that hanging for now.

We had dinner later that night at Mercato Stellina: fancy fancy wine and pasta over catching up with friends I haven’t seen in ages. One flew in all the way from Missouri, the other drove down from Vancouver. I believe it was all our first time in the city. After checking in at our hostel, it was time for Saturday night drinks. And you know what happens to Alfred after a few shots of tequila and whisky. What followed was a blur with figments of bar hopping and gaming arcades. What was Sleepy in Seattle quickly turned into Sleepless in Seattle, along with the hangover coma the next day.

Vancouver Friend is a nature enthusiast, so he and Missouri Friend were knocking at my door before lunch the next morning because apparently, we were going hiking. And I be, like, seriously, guys? After the drunken stupor of last night? How are you both alive and I feel shitty? This is what happens when you hit your mid-30’s, children. Initially reluctant, I’m glad that they managed to convince me to get up, take a quick shower, and do the hike. The mountain range was awesome. The breeze was awesome. The view was awesome. Let’s show you the pics along with Chihuly in the next blog entry.

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