Saturday, June 3, 2017

[VISA] Tajikistan (eVisa)

Philippine passport holders can apply for an eVisa for Tajikistan via their website at Just click on START and fill in all the necessary information. The ones highlighted with a red asterisk can’t be left blank. A GBAO permit is necessary if you are visiting some restricted areas. Just click on YES if you plan on doing so. I don’t remember uploading a copy of my passport, but you will have to provide some basic passport information anyway so make sure you have it while filling out the form.

The date of arrival and address in Tajikistan are also required. I think you can just pick some random hotel for the address. I don’t think they are strict with that anyway. You will receive confirmation emails after submitting the application and paying the USD50 (~PHP2,500) fee via credit card. I completed my application in the evening and received the visa grant with the PDF copy attached the next evening. The fast turnaround makes it comparable to other eVisa countries like Turkey and India.

Take note that validity of the visa will start on the date of arrival that you will choose before submitting the application. If you make a mistake, you’ll have to apply again, so I guess that’s the most vital information. The standard duration of stay is 45 days after entry. When you arrive at Dushanbe, just present the hard copy of the visa along with your passport to the immigration officer. Yes, you must print it. They will also put an entry stamp on it. I don’t think they’ll stamp the PDF copy on your smartphone.

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