Thursday, July 6, 2017

[VISA] Armenia (eVisa)

I wasn’t really planning on applying for an eVisa for Armenia. I mean, Philippine passport holders can go there and get a visa on arrival at the airport. But I’ve had my fair share of these visa-on-arrival nightmares before. Remember India and Cuba? The good thing about Armenia is they give you the option to apply for an eVisa instead. They also allow you to choose between a 120-day visa which costs USD30 (~PHP1,500) and a shorter one valid for 21 days which is way cheaper at just USD6 (~PHP300). Second option for me!

I’m only staying for three to four days max. I already booked the flight tickets so backing out is no longer an option. This has to be the cheapest visa I had to pay for, not counting the free ones of course. Click on this link to go to their website: You have to confirm your email address upon clicking on APPLY FOR E-VISA. You then have to fill in an online form and upload a copy of your passport photo (JPG or PNG) as well as your passport’s info page (PDF).

The only payment option available is PayPal. I finalized my application on a Wednesday night. I got the approval email the next evening. You then have to log in again to your account on their webpage so you can download your PDF copy. Print it so you can present it at the immigration counter when you land at Zvartnots. I think you can also use it if you opt to enter the country via the land borders. Google it just to be sure.

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