Monday, June 11, 2012

[AKLAN] Jumping Off a Cliff

We all know that Boracay is all beach. Well that is the first thing that comes to mind, but we should not forget that there are also a lot of activities here worth checking out, and one of them is cliff diving. Why would you want to jump off a cliff? Adrenaline rush, my friend. There is nothing more exciting than defying gravity, failing to do so, and still ending up alive. Or do you not agree? Perhaps you are just a sissy like me. In Boracay, there is just one go-to place if you want to jump off a cliff, and that place is Ariel’s Point. Who is Ariel? I have no idea, but that is irrelevant so let us just skip the discussion. 

Go to Boracay Beach Club, which is behind Obama Grill across the street. If I am not mistaken, this area is at the crossroads of Stations 1 and 2 but do not quote me on this because I am not sure! The place is close to Andoks and Guilly’s. You will then see a sign saying Ariel’s House. Congratulations, you have reached your destination. The package costs PhP1,500 which includes the boat ride back and forth, the buffet lunch (you will never ever regret this), bottomless drinks, and the use of the jump boards on the cliff. If all your bags are packed and you are ready to go, you might want to stay a while and put them in a plastic bag because I guarantee you that you are going to get wet.

If you have no issues with your body, then flaunt it in that swimsuit. The meet-up place is Obama Grill at 11 AM. By the way, I suggest that you pay for the package a day before your trip. You will never know when they would sell out. Anyway, by 11:30 in the morning you would already be headed to that brown boat that is easy to spot among the sea of boats with sails. The boat DOES NOT dock at the shore. You have to get in the water, which is chest-deep, to get on the boat. Having said that, you really have no excuse not to get wet because carrying you all the way to that boat is not part of the PhP1,500 you paid for. So, what happened to my laptop? I raised it as high as I could over my head. Fortunately, it did not fall off or anything, although it could have, given the rough waves.

Your things are not yet safe once you get on board. Depending on the condition of the sea, you would be slapped by sea water from time to time. And so what we did was leave the valuables that should not get wet inside the mini makeshift bar. I left my wallet there with all my money along with my laptop and found them right where they were after all the activities. Another option is to go up to the roof deck and stay there. Some seawater would still reach you but would only happen occasionally because you are on higher ground. Your enemy up there would be the sun, which baked both my forearms to and from Ariel’s Point. The breeze was awesome, though! Free drinks start once you board the boat and yes, they are unlimited! Take your pick from mineral water to soda to Tanduay Ice. 

I chickened out on the 8m and 15m ramps. Fine, laugh at me. In a way I am quite devastated because this is the reason why we went in the first place, to jump! Well, I was alone and the first viable excuse was that no one would be taking a video of me. After going through that rather difficult entry to the cave all the way to the cliff, everyone else started jumping that I got too preoccupied taking photos and videos of them. After an hour or so everyone stopped to rest. The super yummy buffet lunch came after an hour, and people started jumping again before we departed at 4 PM. And so, how did it feel to fall off a cliff?

I should know. Watching the videos, I realize that I did not even have the strength to jump. Although I felt like I have launched myself high enough during the actual jump, the video just disproves that by showing a lazy me trying to get enough momentum but end up just stepping off the ledge for a free fall. What happened? Well, let me first describe how it feels.

The pull of gravity is strong in that your body would seem to be too heavy once you toss yourself off that ramp. The guys doing the somersaults and gaining enough height to do a cool trick are exceptions to this of course, but normal individuals could also do a good jump with height and all. Well, I am not one of them. Once you are in the air, gravity will pull you down, as mentioned, and it is one nasty feeling.

The only other jump-off-a-high-place activity I have ever done is bungy off the Macau Tower. That one is head first, and once you get off the ledge you begin not to care because you know you are securely tied to a rope, not to mention how falling head first has this awesome effect that makes you feel as if you were flying, in particular if your body assumes the correct position. On this cliff dive, however, you know that you are on your own. There is a lifeguard on a kayak with an abundant supply of life vests, but he does not control your jump. Whether you land on the water butt first, face down, or on your back, that is all you, and you could be risking a bad injury of you enter the water the wrong way.

Still, you can try it because jumping off and falling feet first is an easy thing to do. Besides, you could always practice on the lowest platform which is just around 3 meters. The thing that I hated the most was the salt water. In those three jumps that I did, the salt water that I ingested was just too much for my nose and my throat. The feeling was awful and after the third jump I just thought, what the heck! I don’t have to pressure myself to do this just because others are doing it. I already enjoyed watching people enjoy. Yes, that could be done. I have always had this idea that doing something amazing would be more awesome than just watching someone do it, like figure skating or acting onstage, to name a few. Sometimes you enjoy more as a spectator more than as a participant. It doesn't always have to be all about you.

Aside from cliff diving, you could also do some trekking as there are some trails on the other side of the cliff that lead to a giant rock formation thingy that is just perfect for a photo op. You can also snorkel. I think they supply the snorkeling gears for free but you have to pay a thousand bucks if you lose or damage them. And the buffet lunch! I could still taste that giant steamed lapu-lapu. Even if I did not get to jump off the two highest ramps, this trip was still very much worth it and I am definitely doing it again, perhaps with friends. I still have to capture that 15 meter ramp as a personal conquest, but first, I need some serious carbo-loading and a cheering squad. 

[AKLAN] Jumping Off a Cliff 

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