Saturday, January 14, 2012

日本語 - Week 12 (Contemporary Japanese Vol. 1)

The book I am using is Contemporary Japanese Vol. 1 by Eriko Sato from the Tuttle Language Library. Volume 1 of the book has 61 lessons. Target end date is April 14, 2012.

MONDAY: Lesson Twenty Eightひまなときは何をしますか
First stop, verb stem + ~んですか which you use to confirm something you’ve just heard. This is mainly used when something said is unbelievable, or something to that effect. In a way maybe we could say that this is a rhetorical question? Anyway, for example your friend said that he is taking karate lessons. If you ask からてをしますか it would mean You do karate? According to the book, your friend would think that you did not hear him the first time. However, if you reply with からてをするんすか it would be the same question but it would be totally clear that you are just confirming what you’ve heard and that you’ve heard it right. Second grammar point is the equivalent of to play in Japanese, which depends on the situation. To play around in the general sense would be あそぶ and this is an intransitive verb, meaning no direct object. To play games or sports you use the transitive verb する, very versatile verb. To play an instrument depends on the type being played. ひく is for string and keyboards while ふく is for wind instruments.

TUESDAY: Lesson Twenty Nine 山田さんは どこにいますか
There are three verbs for to exist in Japanese and it depends on what or who is being referred to. いる is for moving objects including human beings. ある is for inanimate objects. いらっしゃる is for esteemed individuals like professors. Examples tomorrow!

WEDNESDAY: Lesson Twenty Nine –山田さんは どこにいますか
So how do you say there is? Just add the particle ~ to the location. Of course you mention the subject first, and then the location, and then add the appropriate verb. Let’s use a general location, house = うち and for the subjects let’s use professor = せんせい, I = , and = book.

せんせいは うちに いらっしゃいます
私は うちに います
本は うちに あります

THURSDAY: Lesson Thirty本屋は近くにありますか
How to say from? It does not matter where or when, you just attach the particle ~から. From three o clock would be 三時から. From the Philippines would be マニラから.

FRIDAY: Lesson Thirty本屋は近くにありますか
How to say to? It does not matter where or when, you just attach the particle ~まで. From three o clock would be 三時まで. From the Philippines would be マニラまで.
For next week I would be covering lesson thirty one until the first half of lesson thirty three. We can do this guys! The goal is to pass the N5 examination of the JLPT in December 2012! =)

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