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Cold War, cold war. The Cold War never ends! Not as awesome as Wanted. Less CGI, more stunts. It is impressive that way. No curving of bullets, just jumping from one moving truck to another. Jumping off a helicopter. Jumping off an elevator. Angelina Jolie disguised as a man resembling Hilary Swank's Brandon Teena character in Boys Don't Cry. Ah, yes! Angelina Jolie. This movie works because of her. Her reputation as a kick-ass chick is enough to get this movie going. She looks a bit older but she does it anyway. No other actress could have pulled it off better. Maybe Jennifer Garner, but her box office draw is not that strong.

Not boring. There are chase scenes left and right. There is enough mystery in the plot to keep you hooked on guessing as to what the real deal is. Short flashbacks are shown once in a while to give you clues. Salt does not reveal her motives but gives you little clues regarding her actions if you are observant enough.

The twist is given away halfway through the movie. Another twist is revealed towards the end. This one in particular is quite predictable. No evil twins. No multiple personalities. No ghosts, LOL. Fun fact! Tom Cruise was supposed to play Salt. No, not Tom Cruise as a woman. The title character was supposed to be EDWIN Salt, not Evelyn, but Cruise backed out because of the similarities the character shares with his Ethan Hunt character in Mission Impossible.

The movie is more comparable to TAKEN, in the sense that there is this one person who gets to defy all the odds and turn out to be successful in the end given the limited resources and extremely good luck s/he has. Or maybe, 24. Jack Bauer, is that you? HAHAHA.

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