Monday, October 26, 2009

Julie & Julia


This is based on the book of the same title published by one of the main characters in the film. It is NOT a biopic of Julia Child. In fact, it is actually more of a narrative of Julie Powell's extended quarter-life crisis and how some aspects of Child's life helped her move on from that particular experience.

The movie is fun to watch mainly because of Streep's dead on portrayal of Child but what I really appreciate about the movie is how the director has managed to translate that affinity that Powell feels for Child into a visual experience which reminds us that we are all connected to each other somehow; that one human being could serve as an inspiration for another even with the absence of any personal relationship. Personal hero thing.

I smell Oscars. I wish it would be another back to back for Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Meryl Streep is just amazing as always and totally disappears into the role. She should win another Oscar. Two are simply not enough, really. Without a doubt, another award worthy portrayal.

If you hate Meryl Streep or Amy Adams for some reason that I would never fathom in this lifetime, there are still a lot of reasons that might convince you to watch, some of which are: Paris, the mouth watering food, a peek into the world of publishing, that innovation called blogging and its effects on modern society, and the convenience of seeing two intertwined stories based on real life that could easily serve as an inspiration for the lost and depressed.

As for Amy Adams I do not think she is just a supporting actress in this film. What I appreciate about her performance is the empathy she makes us feel for her character, to which anyone would find it easy to relate. She does not have any scene with Streep in the movie. Perhaps they did not even meet each other while making the film but they really do complement, or in this case, supplement each other well on screen. It is also fun seeing 24's Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and Glee's Sue (Jane Lynch) play totally different characters from those we have been used to seeing them play on TV.

I like how the director manages to effectively use the contrast between the lives of Julie and Julia to create a feel good movie. Even though they lead different lives, their goals are basically the same, which is to find their own happiness, which I believe is very hard to do. Times change and the way by which we affect each other, may it be through book or blog, is continuously evolving but the impact that this makes on each and everyone of us, I believe, stays the same. Something positive.

This movie is not just about cooking, it is also about eating! You do not have to be a chef to appreciate it. It is about living your life and finding your own happiness and I thank Streep and Adams for the almost two hours of enlightenment. The ending is somehow ironic but still a very inspirational story indeed.

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