Thursday, February 9, 2017

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 42

42. Go Cry Somewhere Else
Wes calls a number labeled as IN CASE OF EMERGENCY and introduces himself as Christophe, after losing Frank and hopping on a cab. Everyone attends Wes’ memorial except Frank, Bonnie, and Annalise who are at the arraignment trial. Her parents come for moral support. She realizes that her mother is now suffering from dementia. Laurel breaks down mid-speech and admonishes everyone at the wake before walking out. She heads straight to the morgue but they won’t let her see Wes’ body because it’s being held by the DA office as evidence. She goes to Nate and he helps her get in for her last goodbye. They find another body in the bag. Nate confronts the DA and they admit that they lost the body. Oliver receives a call from the police station, inviting him for questioning. He is able to pull through with just vague answers. Laurel confronts Frank in a recorded meeting and is convinced that he didn’t kill Wes. She breaks into Wes’ apartment. Bonnie finally gets Annalise out of jail on bail after she's beaten up by an inmate.

HAHAHAHA, agit Laurel is agit. It must be all the prescription drugs talking, but seeing her lash out on everyone is just cathartic. Someone has to do it, you know. Another scene-stealer in this episode is Oliver, who is now so part of all this shit, and he’s game too. At least he’s not as annoying as Connor. Errr, I don’t get it. Nate is revealed to be the one who had Wes’ body transferred to another morgue. Why did he seem surprised? So, did he do it then? What is his motive? The flashback only extends as far as his meeting with Wes at the house before it exploded and before Laurel arrived. I guess we’ll be getting some answers and more clues in the next episode. Annalise couldn’t have done it. Frank didn’t either. That one is so obvious even to everyone there. That leaves us with Bon-Bon, but I don’t think she did it either. But yeah, my money now is on Nate or Bon-Bon. It must be one of the main cast members. But what about that phone call Wes made? And why use the name Christophe? Did he call Nate? Confusion!!!

You're going to hell one day." Laurel Castillo

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