Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 45

45. Wes
ADA Denver (Benito Martinez) denies allegations regarding Connor’s disappearance after he answers the burner phone in his office. The truth is he’s holding him in handcuffs in a basement somewhere, urging him to sign his blanket immunity deal and testify against Annalise. Annalise meets up with Mrs. Mahoney in New York to settle their differences. After harsh words are exchanged, she reveals that Wes is not her husband’s son, but rather her son Charles’, who was the one guilty of rape. Denver gets his hands on Oliver’s USB, which has a copy of Annalise’s deleted voicemail records. It turns out she is just protecting Wes, who incriminated himself for the murder of Sam and Rebecca over the phone. Annalise offers Denver a deal which he takes, that of pinning everything on Wes which would be beneficial for both parties. He drops the charges against Annalise. Laurel goes after Charles Mahoney and is almost about to shoot him when an old friend greets him in the street, who in the flashback is revealed to be Wes’ killer.

Wait, what? This is so confusing. Information overload much. And so Wes becomes everyone’s scapegoat. He is dead and he has no family. No one will really care to clean up his name unless Laurel does so but she won’t. That will take each and every one of them down. I am really confused, though. So Laurel’s dad wanted Wes dead? WHY? If there’s someone he wants dead, it should be Frankie, right? Is he from Televisa? He’s turning this into a telenovela, you know. And what is the connection to the ADA? I thought Denver had Wes killed? He didn’t confirm nor deny during his confrontation with Annalise. Why did he drop the case in the first place? As usual, they left us with some answers that gave rise to more questions! What’s for sure is that the guy who murdered Wes is confirmed to be on Laurel’s party. I guess we’ll be seeing more of her backstory next season. Film some scenes in Mexico! As for the other kids, it’s all love life, which is why I want more Laurel backstory instead along with her revenge vendetta. Too much mush.

So I turn on Annalise and I get a sandwich?" Connor Walsh

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