Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 44

44. He Made a Terrible Mistake
Connor almost throws himself in front of a speeding bus. Nate gives Annalise Atwood’s Wi-Fi password so Oliver can hack it. As he rummages through her files, Connor’s strange behavior becomes more apparent, prompting a confrontation with Michaela. He finally admits that he was at the house that night, found Wes unconscious, and tried to revive him. He thinks he might have killed him because his rib cracked while he was administering CPR. He also recalls smelling gas. Laurel gets to see her baby via ultrasound and contemplates on getting an abortion. She later testifies in Connor’s place, taking over his story. The plan backfires as the DA grills her with an affidavit about an incident in Mexico long ago in which she lied about being kidnapped while under oath. The defense’s motion to dismiss is denied. Connor pays the DA office a visit, saying he wants Wes’ immunity deal. Oliver calls him and everyone tells him to leave. Asher calls the mystery number they found on Atwood’s file. Connor sees a phone ring at the DA’s drawer.

Okay fine, Connor didn’t do it. It would have been more exciting if he did, though. I guess I found him to be that annoying that I was rooting for him to be the killer. Thinking about it now, he’s just whiny and all, like a spoiled brat. I don’t think he’s really capable of killing Wes, or anyone in their inner circle for that matter. That perjury booboo was a surprise. If Connor took the stand instead, they wouldn’t have fallen on that hurdle. But Atwood is down now. She’s just a sub boss, though. This other DA guy is also annoying AF but obviously brought his A-game. I want to see them take him down too. And now that the flashbacks are complete, or almost complete, we are finally at the final stretch! Who killed Wes? Is the ending going to be another cliffhanger? Will someone else die a la Rebecca at the end of the first season? Did DA guy kill Wes or ordered someone to do it for him? All the answers will be in the next episode, I hope. So far, I still love this show. Loopholes aside, I always enjoy the revelations and the flashbacks. Good storytelling.

The world is ugly. People get depressed and so they drink. That’s clear." Annalise Keating

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