Thursday, February 16, 2017

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 43

43. It's War
Annalise meets up with Nate, who recalls the night of Wes’ death. He cries out of guilt, saying Wes wouldn’t have died if he didn’t leave him alone in that house. He also claims his signature has been forged by Atwood for the transfer of Wes’ corpse, which they later find out to have been cremated to avoid a second autopsy. Everyone meets at Bonnie’s place to discuss their options, but Connor and Laurel are dismissive. Laurel hires a private investigator to dig dirt on the Mahoneys and discovers that they ran a DNA test on Wes, which is a legit motive. Annalise files a complaint against the DA’s office and asks Oliver to leak a news article speculating conspiracy. She then figures out that the university president is Atwood’s mole. With allegations about him being the anonymous source intensifying, Connor tries to confess to Oliver, who has already put two and two together about him being at the house before it burned down. A flashback then reveals Connor trying to revive Wes via CPR.

Connor, you sly, two faced son of a bitch. While that flashback is not really indicative of murder, it still is sketchy. For all we know he might have just found Wes unconscious there and tried to revive him, right? But wow, if he did murder Wes! That means the show loses two members of its main cast at once! They're pulling off a Game of Thrones on us! Brave, Peter Nowalk. BRAVE. And YES. IT’S WAR!!! LET’S WAGE WAR!!! We hate the DA’S OFFICE!!! Bring down the DA’S OFFICE!!! HAHAHA. Anyway, more on family dynamics. Asher has climbed so high on my list of favorites, while Connor has dropped so low. I’d even go as far as to replace him with Oliver now. Laurel is being such a bitch because of Wes’ death. That’s understandable. I so loved that emotional exchange between her and Annalise. Karla Souza held her own there. Michaela is slowly becoming Annalise Jr. She scares me sometimes. RIP, Sorayalise. That sounds like a skin disease! I think she really wanted to be friends, but just got caught in conflicts of interest. Two episodes left!

It's war." Bonnie Winterbottom

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