Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 41

41. Not Everything's About Annalise
Frank presents his version of the story as Annalise is taken to the police station for questioning in the middle of the night. Frank’s confession, along with CCTV footage, shakes up the prosecutor’s case against Annalise. The investigators have enough evidence to charge Frank, but Atwood is hell bent on bringing Annalise down. The university president visits Annalise in prison. Oliver hacks the DA office, unearthing a truckload of ongoing investigations on Annalise: Rebecca, the Hapstalls, Sinclair, Sam, Lila Stangard. Connor suggests they leave the country and seek asylum somewhere. Laurel tells them that Meggy has been sketchy lately. With Laurel issuing a statement pinning everything on Frank, he is charged. As Annalise’s co-conspirator. Now they are both in jail, leaving Bonnie alone to figure out how to get them all out of this mess. In a flashback, Wes is seen getting off Frank’s car and walking away after he admits to killing his father but NOT Rebecca. Following instructions from Bonnie, he trails him.

Woot Woot! Michaela is taking control. You go, girl. Yeah guys, it’s time to give back. I love how she stood up for Mama Annalise against the university president, who seemed chummy with Annalise because of her divorce case but is now turning against her in an instant just like that. What a user bitch. But she did visit her in prison so we can’t definitely say what her glitch is at this point. Maybe she is really just using her and really wants to be friends at the same time. Friends with benefits? LOL. Please kill Connor next. Selfish ingrate. Guy is not a very good team player. Oh wait, kill that insecure Atwood biatch next instead. She’s annoying AF. Ambition and jealousy always breed insecurity, eh? I just feel bad for Annalise because none of the murders they are pinning on her is actually her fault. As an accessory, perhaps she’s guilty, but that’s about it. But I think she also has a problem. She’s probably yearning for a family of her own, and since she has none, she’s trying to create one, except that they aren’t that grateful. Not all of them.

I killed him. Frank. JFK. Elvis. What else do you wanna know?" Annalise Keating

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