Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 40

40. We're Bad People
A flashback reveals Wes and Laurel talking about how his condom broke, confirming that the baby is his. Annalise is transferred to another prison for her bail hearing. She chooses Bonnie to represent her. Nate refuses to help but continues working in the sidelines. Frank uses his connections to gain useful intel. Wes’ death is initially declared as a homicide, but is changed to asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation post-autopsy. Laurel thinks that Frank killed him and tells the investigators that Annalise didn’t do it. Frank denies the accusation when Bonnie asks him directly. He believes the Mahoneys are the culprit. Everyone else is skeptical about what they know so far. Asher beats Connor up for his insensitive remarks. He tries to convince Oliver to go to the police and come clean. The DA team declines to name their source, but is successful in denying Annalise her bail. Frank approaches the investigators and makes a statement, claiming that he murdered Wes. In a flashback, he is seen giving Wes a ride in his car before the fire.

Connor is such a whiny little bitch. For once, I’m actually glad that Asher went all frat boy on him. I know all of them are under pressure, but he’s the most susceptible to betrayal and obnoxious rants, like a privileged snowflake around whom the world revolves. Anyway, it’s nice to see the Wes flashbacks. It further proves how you only get to value people when they are finally gone. It’s good to see members of Team Annalise, both active and retired, finally getting together to rescue her. Even Nate is now campaigning for her release, albeit in secret, and he even threatens the insecure ADA. Biatch got it coming, and Nate is actually a shrewd guy. His last two jobs have been secured by the people he was sleeping with, and he’s not afraid to use that information to cry racism or sexual harassment. That’s a bad example, but makes for a good character flaw that makes plot development more interesting. Everyone is just so manipulative! I wonder how she will get away with murder this time, knowing she hasn’t committed any.

You look like a picture straight out of a Middleton brochure. You know, if they allowed killer in there." Connor Walsh

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