Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 39

39. Who's Dead?
Bonnie calms Frank down, convincing him to drop the gun. Annalise is now convinced that he won’t be bothering them anymore. She confronts ADA Renee Atwood (Milauna Jackson) after finding out that she’s been investigating her. She goes back to drinking and burns all documents that could incriminate them. She heads over to Bonnie’s. Asher talks to Michaela’s mother, who comes over at once after he gives her the address. Wes accuses Laurel of being with him because she just wants to “fix” him. He is later interrogated by the police not for the Mahoney case, but rather for Rebecca’s murder. Her body has been found in the woods, and the police are implicating Annalise. She calls everyone to her house after she gets sober and stops by the clinic to talk to Oliver. Nate drops by Annalise’s. Laurel also arrives and comes in. A minute later, the house explodes. At the morgue, the dead body is revealed to be Wes. Nate visits Annalise in prison and informs her that Wes was already dead even BEFORE the fire started.

Oh there you go, the Rebecca subplot resurfaces. With six episodes left, it’s about time that they gave us more clues regarding this new development. With the past events catching up with the present, we’re getting chronological from now on, I guess. WES is the dead guy. Unless Melisandre comes over and resurrects him, I think there’s no coming back. Face was half-charred. He is SO dead. I wonder if they are going to introduce a new character to take his place in the gang or just leave it as it is. Frankie is seen at the crime scene, but without anything incriminating him. That part with Nate also being in the house is clever. I thought they would leave it there so everyone would speculate that he’s the dead body. Too convenient, though. I guess they revealed this death early so they can still toss in more red herrings. Now that we know who’s dead, the question evolves into how and why. And of course, the most important one is WHO did it. Accident? Gas leak? Terrorist attack? We’ll get more flashbacks soon.

Junk food is all I'm doing. I had to trade in vodka for cake." Annalise Keating

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