Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 38

38. No More Blood
Frank runs to Laurel and says he loves her. Bonnie calls her and Annalise indirectly issues Frank a threat. He stays over for the night. They later use him to find an alibi, the woman who bribed him to bug Annalise’s room ages ago. He breaks into her house about to do something but is interrupted by Annalise on Bonnie’s speaker phone, saying no more blood. He backs out and tells Bonnie, who coaxes him to go back inside to finish the job. Bonnie calls everyone to find a way to delay the Mahoney case hearing. Connor and Michaela opt out, while Asher stays to help. Meggy sees Laurel and Wes together at the hospital. Through manipulation from behind the scenes, the case against Mahoney’s other son is fortified. Frank and Annalise finally face each other. He pulls out a gun pointing it to himself. Annalise eggs him on as Bonnie pleads him not to. A week later, Oliver and Michaela press Bonnie for answers regarding the dead body. Connor is seen in bed with the guy who rejected Oliver a few weeks ago.

VIOLA DAVIS. That confrontation scene with Frankie is the type that wins acting awards, you know. I haven’t seen her go on beast mode with her acting in the last few episodes, but this one reminds you how great an actress she really is. In other news, is that a clue? Bon-Bon asks Asher to go home because “something bad is always about to happen in this house.” Intuition, statement of fact, or subconscious self-incrimination? And now back to the big event, who dies? Seeing how Connor is now screwing the guy who refused to screw Oliver because he’s poz, this leave is with just one male candidate from the Keating 5. WES. But it’s too early to tell because we have seven episodes left. For all we know, they might show him somewhere else in the next few episodes. Who knows? Or maybe the dead body is really Frank and they are just shitting all of us here. It’s cool, we’re speculating. That means the show is still interesting. Let me digress, what about Rebecca? Until now no one else knows that Bon-Bon did it.

Something's bad always about to happen in this house. Go home." Bonnie Winterbottom

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