Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 37

37. Call It Mother's Intuition
Annalise is being charged with arson and first degree murder. Laurel wakes up and struggles writing “Wes” on a paper. Wes requests for blanket immunity, saying it’s the only way he’ll help the NYPD “take her down”. Two weeks earlier, he and Laurel sneak out of class to make out, not knowing that Frank broke in and saw them. After Mahoney’s other son presents a credible alibi of being far away from the scene of his father’s shooting, everyone panics and Annalise admits that she has no idea what to do this time around. Seeing everyone frustrated, she encourages them to unleash their grudge against her. After harsh words are exchanged, she tells them to go to sleep. Oliver makes out with his new guy after a few dates, but he backs out when he tells him he’s positive. He gets drunk and knocks on Connor’s door, admitting that they miss each other before ending up in bed. Frank pays Bonnie a visit, and she rejects him. He goes to Laurel next, announcing his presence as she hangs up on Wes saying “I love you”.

The highlight of the episode is, without a doubt, the Bon-Bon/Frankie confrontation. Here you witness two murderers facing off, and you don’t really get to pick for whom you should be more afraid, simply because you know what both of them are capable of! In other news, I actually feel bad for the university president, especially after her emotional sharing at the AA meeting. I think she really just wants to be friends, and it seemed to be working at first, until she brought up that thing about Wes. But it’s good that Mama Annalise took the initiative for a friendlier stance by giving her a good lawyer’s number. I think that lash-out-on-me exercise was not just cathartic for everyone, it was also therapeutic, and a wake up call at that. Hmmkay, Waurel is a thing now, but Frankie’s back, and he looks upset. Is he going to burn the house down now? After that scene with Bon-Bon, it’s easy to see how he can just go berserk to the point of no return. As for Wes probably being the dead body, well, we’re not sure yet. Still, won’t miss him that much.

A few more weeks of no drinking and they can add fat-ass to their list of insults." Annalise Keating

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