Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 36

36. Is Somebody Really Dead?
Laurel confronts Annalise about Frank right as Bonnie comes in. She plays Franks confession, which she secretly recorded. As Bonnie and Annalise bicker, Laurel receives a call from Meggy, informing her that two police officers are in front of Wes’ door. Asher walks out of Michaela after she refuses to acknowledge that they are more than friends, but kiss and make up later on, possibly the beginning of a new relationship. Annalise’s license is reinstated but with a truckload of conditions. She briefs everyone regarding Wes’ current dilemma. He wants to go to the police to come clean, but Annalise hides him in her house. Connor threatens Wes. He breaks up with Meggy, not wanting to drag her into his current predicament. He runs to Laurel and destroys the recording in front of her, insisting on his plan to go to the police. They sleep together. Mahoney’s other son is arrested for his father’s murder, Frank planting the evidence. Three weeks later, a distressed Michaela rushes to Asher’s dorm to check on him and sees him partying there.

Everyone is hating on Bon-Bon right now, and I can’t blame them. Is she really betraying them or does she have her own agenda? In any case, it’s really hard to deal with Annalise. She’s such a dismissive bitch drowning in her own pride. I guess this is why it’s so unsettling seeing her on a leash, not being able bare her fangs and slay everyone in court like she used to. Poetic justice. Test of character. Despite Mama Annalise hating on Bon-Bon and Frankie, the fact remains that they are family, perhaps not by blood but through all the shit they have gone through together. Back to the big picture, now that Asher has been ruled out as the dead body, it’s down to Connor and Wes. Given how Laurel is the other victim, maybe it’s safe to say now that Wes is the dead guy. Moving further afield, it also seems obvious that he’s Laurel’s baby daddy knowing how Frankie has been gone for a while. This means Laurel will be really angry when she wakes up. The question is, who should she murder for vengeance? That’s not clear yet. Stay tuned.

You ready to fail like your dad's condom?" Connor Walsh

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