Thursday, October 20, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 35

35. It's About Frank
Bonnie takes one last look at her father and leaves, running into Frank on the way back. She thanks him, but also berates him for his actions. He admits to shooting Mahoney. He recalls how Sam visited him in jail eleven years prior, convincing Annalise to help him get a parole. She tries to convince him to come home. He tries to convince her to run away with him. They end up sleeping together. The next day, he’s gone. Annalise attends her AA meeting and finds the university president there. She remembers Sam and all her difficulties getting pregnant. She starts drinking again. Michaela steals Simon’s (Behzad Dabu) laptop and asks Oliver to find the outline he’s hiding. They find something more interesting: a Photoshop file of Annalise’s “killer” poster. Annalise thinks of it as good news, since it means no one significant is blackmailing them. Three weeks later, Oliver calls Michaela to tell her about Laurel being pregnant and in critical condition, as the breaking news on TV reports an unidentified male dead in a house fire.

MICHAELA!!! Hahaha, she’s been so agit lately. I LOVE IT! She’s slowly becoming Annalise Jr with all the quotable quotes. And is it just me or isn’t Annalise so hilarious and cute clutching a vodka bottle and drunk dancing with it? I guess this is her in her most vulnerable, or at least in a long time. All she has is her career. Now it’s all falling into pieces. Okay, so Frankie was Sam’s pro bono case while Bon-Bon was Annalise’s. Fair enough. They are both damaged individuals, and that’s what makes them interesting. I’m wondering what the end game would be for the two of them. They are both unhinged but saved somehow. They continue doing bad things, but mostly for other people. Poor Mama Annalise. At least Wes is there for her in times of great need. Sometimes that’s all a person needs, to know that you are not alone. I think she deserves that after all the shit she’s been through. Now that we ruled out the girls from the house fire casualty, it narrows the choices down to Connor, Asher, and Wes. Based on Annalise’s reaction, though...

Go anywhere near my bag or anyone else's in this room and your laptop won't be all you're missing, you spineless, tiny-balled, whiny excuse of a man!" Michaela Pratt

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