Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 34

34. Don't Tell Annalise
Annalise parties with Eve. Asher takes on the new legal clinic case, having a hard time with Annalise arriving with a hangover. The hearing is interrupted when news of her license suspension is brought to light due to a video of her slapping a client. Bonnie takes over. Annalise admits to Eve that she hired a hitman that Frank ended up killing. He purchases a canister of gas. Laurel overhears Bonnie telling Annalise that her pedophile father just died in a hospital at Coalport, Frank’s current location. Annalise is fired and turns to vodka to cope, taking it out on Nate. He hooks up with the ADA who hates Annalise. She pleads alcoholism in an attempt to get her license back. Alone again, she tries to woo Eve, but she reveals that she’s already with someone and they’re moving to San Francisco. Connor is back hooking up with random guys and parading it in front of Oliver. Four weeks later, the second burn victim is in serious condition and is rushed to the emergency room. Lab results also reveal that she’s pregnant. It’s no other than Laurel.

Yey, Eve is back! Nothing, I just missed her presence. But I think this will be her last appearance here. They just gave her the ticket to move on. In a way, that’s a good thing, because it means she gets a free pass out of this mess. Now that Mama Annalise’s world is falling apart, will her “children” be there just as much as she was there for them? I guess she got too embroiled in fixing everyone’s mess that she ended up not managing her own. And now she’s on a downward spiral. I’d like to think that Bonnie got her back, but how loyal is she actually? What’s with the don’t-tell-Annalise drama? As for Frank, does he really pose a danger to them? His actions seem to suggest that he’s just making amends, by correcting his wrongdoings in the past with further wrongdoings. The end doesn’t justify the means, but it’s the thought that counts? He should be the prime suspect for burning down the house, if that’s intentional, that is. I doubt that it’s him, though. That’s just so convenient, blaming it all on his unhinged psyche.

Ain't jealousy a bitch?" Michaela Pratt

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