Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 33

33. Always Bet Black
Oliver breaks into a police station at the middle of the night as Annalise’s mugshot is taken. He wipes her phone clean and plants it back at the scene just as he and Bonnie hear that another body with a weak pulse is about to be wheeled out of the burning house. Six weeks earlier, Laurel visits her father to get his help in tracking Frank but he adamantly declines. He later bribes her with his ill-gotten wealth. She hesitates at first but then uses it as a bargaining tool, getting Frank’s location in the end. Frank calls her later that night saying he won’t fall for their trap and asks her to tell Annalise to stop sending assassins to track him. Michaela takes on their new case but is distracted by Connor with news that her ex Aiden is now engaged to someone more successful. They steal some of the client’s money and head to Atlantic City to bet it all on black. They lose all the money and she has to pawn her ring. Bonnie finds out all about her and Asher but pretends not to care. Winning the case means an upturn for Annalise’s dwindling reputation.

HAHAHAHA, why is everyone so agit in this episode??? Mama Annalise slapping a client. Michaela gambling and later threatening a pawnshop owner to get a good deal? Chill, girls. Laurel was also agit, but at least she gets her own backstory now. All we ever know about her is that one holiday party she walked out of in Season 1, I think. I also loved all the Spanglish code switching. Latinos, represent! And about her not telling Annalise and Bon-Bon about Frankie’s whereabouts, it seems as though she’ll try to find him herself. The question is, can she trust him? And of course, this will later on lead to more friction between her and the other two. As if Mama Annalise needs more of that. As for the season’s big question, another question has been added. Who is the second injured victim? Judging from Oliver’s reaction, maybe we can assume that it’s no other than Connor? But we don’t know that yet. At this point it appears like the writers don’t really know who they want to kill off yet. Thus, all this charade. Surprise us.

Is anyone prepping our client or you're all just Googling your exes?" Bonnie Winterbottom

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