Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 30

30. Anna Mae
Annalise flies back to Memphis and the family has an impromptu reunion. Nate follows here there to convince her to come back and face her problems, saying the ADA is about to issue an arrest warrant. Oliver hacks police records and finds the document. They speculate that someone must be telling on Annalise, and later discover that it’s Caleb. She surrenders with a flash drive, revealing that the night Philip attacked her in Wes’ apartment, he told her that Caleb killed Helena Hapstall and he has proof. She walks out as Philip enters, ready to confess. In some random motel room, Caleb is seen lifeless, swimming in a bath tub full of blood. Wes visits Mahoney in New York and tells him that he might be his son, before the magnate is shot to the head in front of him. FLASHBACK: Frank’s stash of money came from the blonde woman she slept with, who wanted to plant a bug in Annalise’s room. Annalise’s accident was intentional. A guilty Frank wanted to confess but Sam prevented it, fearing Annalise might not recover.

And there goes the Hapstall case. Judging from the trail of blood, it looks like Caleb DIDN’T kill himself. Did Philip do it? Is this new development the truth or yet another lie? Honestly, I don’t know what to believe anymore. I guess this warrants a break before a Season 3 marathon, just to give me time to rest and think. Anna Mae has been hiding secrets. It’s obvious from the start that she doesn’t get along well with her family. Her mama didn’t even know about her baby. Perhaps that’s why she’s so ruthless. All that emotional baggage! But there’s a lot she doesn’t know. That miscarriage ruined her life, and it was Frank’s doing. But at least she got her catharsis somehow. No matter how dysfunctional her relationship is with her mom, she’s still mom! And moms know best. Overall, this episode is also a cliffhanger, but the excitement is derived more from the revelations rather than the action. I guess there will be more family drama next season. I really just hope that it doesn’t turn into one big telenovela. Thumbs up for Season 2!

When you live to be as old as I am and see if you don't eat a cupcake when it's placed before you." Ophelia Harkness

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