Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 29

29. There's My Baby
Annalise survives Philip’s attack. Eve and Wes meet her at the police station before heading back to the house to warn everyone. Caleb goes missing. Frank blames Asher for the ordeal they are going through. Bonnie rebuts throwing shade at Lila’s killer, saying everything originated from that. Frank confronts her and threatens her back about Rebecca. Laurel drops hints on their shady activities to Oliver in front of everyone to test his reaction. He freaks out a bit, confirming that they really can’t trust him that much. Annalise throws everyone, except Wes, out of the house after downing a bottle of vodka. They talk about the past. Annalise was supposed to expose how the Mahoneys threatened Rose to testify. She figures in a vehicular accident, losing her baby in the process. Wes refuses to believe her, until she drops the biggest revelation yet: Mahoney raped his mother, and he is his child. Bonnie figures out that Frank killed Lila for Sam, NOT for Annalise. He asks her not to tell her anything, not knowing that a drunk Laurel already did.

“So good luck screwing me, because you’re not really my type.” HAHAHAHA, I think this is the first time I’m quoting Connor. I love how they all played with that ADA really well. I mean, I think it’s wrong to root for them after all that they’ve done. After all, this ADA is just doing his job, technically speaking. I guess the writers are just that good in romanticizing murderers? LOL. But it’s a relief that almost every important detail of that past episode is now in the open. That revelation about the rape of Wes’ mother, is that confirmed? The flashback makes it clear that it was all based on a woman’s intuition and speculation. It makes me wonder if Mama Annalise is telling the truth this time around. Is there one more layer beneath that they can explore if this turns out to be a lie? Sorry, Waitlist. Your life just turned into a soap opera. All we know for now is that Annalise didn’t really know who killed Lila Stangard. Perhaps I’m just underwhelmed by the impact because I already lost track of all the people who got killed on this show so far!

So good luck screwing me, because you're not really my type." Connor Walsh

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