Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 28

28. Something Bad Happened
FLASHBACK: Annalise uses Eve’s help, taking advantage of the illegal immigration angle to force Rose to testify. Rose commits suicide in front of Annalise. She flees as Wes enters the house to see his mother dead. 10 years later, Annalise dismisses Laurel’s allegations, saying that everything on the file was police manipulation. She’s fed up about the whole video blackmail thing and goes to the ADA to barter immunity in exchange for evidence. He plays her. They play him back, and win. The gang sleeps over at Connor’s and Oliver’s amidst the threat of Philip’s stalking. Wes refuses to leave his apartment. He later heads to Annalise’s house to talk to her but she is at Nate’s. He snoops around and finds the report Laurel brought about him allegedly killing his mother. Annalise later comes over to Wes’ place and slips a note under the door. Someone gets it. She finds the door open and comes in. Eve then calls saying that Wes is with her. Philip grabs Annalise from under the bed as she tries to escape.

Hmmkay. At least that’s been settled. For a moment there I thought Mama Annalise will be getting one point for murdering Waitlist’s mommy. After that rather graphic scene, we can finally dismiss all allegations. What’s with the document almost incriminating Waitlist, though? Or maybe that’s just that, pure police speculation. Uncertainty. Even Frankie and Bon-Bon think they won’t get out of this ordeal unscathed. As for the flashback, it shows the gravitas of Eve and Annalise’s relationship, not just the romantic one before Sam came along, but also their conniving ways. They have been manipulating the law for some time now. They are real experts at this. Waitlist gets his own subplot. I’m not a big fan of Waitlist, but this detour does help plot development, and it also strengthens the connection of the past events to the present. I just hope that it stops here. If all five of them end up having past connections with Annalise, it will become too soap opera-ish.

Because now you're boyfriend and girlfriend? You use your friends and now you are on to the next piece of damaged goods?" Annalise Keating

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