Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 27

27. It's a Trap
FLASHBACK: Wes’ mother agrees to testify as a witness to the Mahoney murder case Annalise was defending. She bails on them last minute. 10 years later, the gang receives another blackmail video, the sender asking for a million dollars or it gets sent to the police. Laurel walks out on Frank and heads over to Wes’ place. They nonchalantly fly to Ohio to investigate about the connection of the Mahoney case to his mother, but they find nothing. Instead, they start making out in the car before cutting it short. The rest panic over what to do about the videos. Annalise uses Caleb to get the money to lure Philip in a trap. He talks to Catherine for more intel, but all she gives him is an ambiguously cryptic tirade about how Philip was actually the brother who had her back when it should’ve been him. They don’t surrender, and receive another video of Annalise and Nate the night prior. Laurel arrives to confront Annalise regarding a document she found in Ohio saying that Wes’ mother didn’t commit suicide. He killed her.

Mama Annalise is so paranoid now. She doesn’t know who to trust anymore, which is probably just logical after all the shit they have to go through. Wow, Waitlist. Catching up? If the allegations are true, then HE is winning this game, not Bon-Bon. Or he already did? He started really young, now didn’t he? What a bunch of fucked-up characters. If he indeed killed his own mother, did he do so intentionally, or was he just made to believe that he did? Provoked? After all, what’s that “Good God, Annalise. What did we do?” drama all about a few episodes ago? As for the new Waurel pairing, err, it’s kinda awkward. If ever there was sexual tension between this two, it wasn’t palpable. It just came out of nowhere. I wonder if they are going to pursue this subplot, and how it will affect the main storyline if ever they did. As for the blackmail saga, why do I get the feeling that it’s not Philip? Sinclair is dead so it’s obviously not her. Catherine is in jail. I don’t see why Eve would blackmail them either. New character? Three episodes left!

Let mommy take care of it like she always does." Annalise Keating

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