Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 26

26. She Hates Us
FLASHBACK: 10 years earlier, a pregnant Annalise juggles work and family, applauding law intern Bonnie and admonishing young assistant Frank for hitting on the girls. She flies to Cleveland to help Wes’ mother, revealing her real motive and promising to protect her. At present, she and Wes consult the same psychiatrist at different times. He’s admitted in the psych ward after saying that he might end up shooting himself. Laurel becomes his confidante. Caleb comes to Annalise begging for help, but she refuses to assist him. The group gangs up on Annalise after Laurel reveals to everyone that Wes is helplessly locked up in a psych ward. He opens up about his mother’s suicide and is fetched by the gang just as he’s being released. They all reflect on their hang-ups while in the car. Annalise drops the files relevant to Wes’ mother’s suicide in front of his door. Laurel confronts Frank about his secrets. He admits that he killed Lila Stangard. Connor receives a video incriminating them. He calls Annalise and assumes that Philip is back.

I’m loving the 10-year flashbacks. They give the characters more depth, the big three at least. They help in establishing some concealed ties that we weren’t aware of before. Plus, the dynamics! You see how the dynamics among the characters evolved over time. The montage of their recent dilemmas also provide contrast. Anyway, this episode’s case is a really emotional one, not to mention timely and relevant, what with America’s gun problem. It seems weird, but the emotional exchange between the defendant and the mother of the kid he shot is just too heavy. It is still debatable, though. As for plot development, Philip was last seen at the driveway of the Hapstall mansion phoning Sinclair before he totally disappeared. Is he the one who sent that video? If not, then who else? Nobody else seems to have a motive to bring them down, unless there’s something we missed. Four episodes left before the season finale, and I think they will once again leave us with an intriguing cliffhanger.

Don't marry a lawyer." Sam Keating

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