Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 24

24. What Did We Do?
Annalise briefs Caleb about the link between Catherine and Philip. Asher’s father commits suicide. Nate is fired because of Sinclair. Annalise receives bad news that causes her to break down on the phone. She informs everyone that Sinclair is coming over at the mansion before sending Caleb away. At 10:03 PM, Bonnie arrives with her body in the trunk. At 8:23 PM, Asher went to confront her before running her over with his car, after which Bonnie came to the rescue. Everyone heads to the Hapstall mansion to stage a crime scene, pinning everything on an absent Catherine. Bonnie and Asher leave after dropping Sinclair’s body from the balcony. Annalise begs them one by one to shoot her. Connor almost does but hesitates last minute. Michaela refuses. Laurel says they should all just go to jail, leaving the gun in Wes’ hands. He gets the job done after Annalise admits that Rebecca’s dead and she’s been lying to him the whole time. 10 years earlier, Annalise and Eve watch as a toddler Wes is briefed in a room regarding his mom’s death.

BEST. EPISODE. YET. THE REVELATIONS! THE REVELATIONS! How can they even fix this? Annalise shoots herself. Wes pulls the trigger, but it’s her plan all along. He almost kills her, though. He sure was aiming for a headshot the second time around. Wow. It all makes sense in a whole lot of different levels. She is the big monster behind all of this after all. The problem is, she might be orchestrating everything, but is she really at fault? She DIDN’T kill Sam. She DIDN’T kill Sinclair. She is just covering up everyone’s asses, right? Because they are all fuck-ups who can’t clean up their own shit. But I think we still have a lot to learn. What was that flashback with her and Eve? It appears as though she’s been messing up Waitlist’s life since he was a kid. Poetic justice? Okay, I feel kind of bad, in a really bad way. I’ve always disliked Asher, but the other four? Jesus, what a bunch of ingrates? I know they have been traumatized by the Sam incident, but how privileged are they?

Good God, Annalise. What did we do? Eve Rothlo

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