Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 23

23. Hi, I'm Philip
Oliver and Philip go out for drinks and head straight to Annalise’s house, where everyone is in panic mode over his disappearance. He denies his relationship with the Hapstalls and threatens to sue them. He makes a statement but Nate doctors his criminal records, adding Schizophrenia on his profile. They send the straw he used to get a DNA sample. It matches the one at the crime scene and proves he’s a product of incest between Helena and her brother. Sinclair offers the Hapstall siblings a plea deal, and they are consecutively almost tricked into taking the offer. Asher puts two on two together about Sinclair wiretapping the house. When they find the bug, they use it against her, feeding her false information. Wes receives a painting from Catherine and remembers seeing one of her paintings in Philip’s hacked photos. Caleb and Michaela sleep together. Afterwards, he shows her a gun hidden at Catherine’s study. She is later shown in a car with Philip, the latter reassuring the former that he will “take care” of everything.

Err, what’s Nate’s deal? Does he still have a hidden agenda or he really just wants to get into Annalise’s pants now that his wife is out of the way? Otherwise, why is Annalise getting shot in the flash-forward? Aww, Waitlist is feeling guilty, but at least he served his purpose in this episode. The pieces are starting to fall into place. If we buy this new hypothesis, then Catherine and Philip are behind the murder. BUT, what is that flash-forward where Michaela plays Caleb? That’s where they all drive to after leaving Annalise to die at the mansion, right? I think there’s still more to reveal along the way, and if there’s one thing you learn from watching this show, it’s that they throw red herrings around as if their lives depended on it. I’m not pissed. I actually love how they keep us guessing all the time. At least they get you thinking instead of being just the lazy armchair detective being spoon-fed by the script. Anyway, we are just halfway through Season 2. I’m so tempted to do a marathon but I won’t. Patience!

I'll figure a way out of this, like always! –Annalise Keating

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