Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 21

21. Two Birds, One Millstone
FLASHFORWARD: Frank throws a fit at the hospital as Annalise goes into cardiac arrest, then exits to be seen by the security camera before getting in his car, where an unconscious Catherine lays in the backseat. 2 weeks earlier, Annalise defends a trans colleague who killed her husband. Nate’s wife succumbs to cancer. He stops corroborating with Wes. Wes won’t stop suspecting Frank, so he and Laurel just directly ask him. He denies it, saying the money was supposed to be for Rebecca to shut her up. Frank takes Laurel to family dinner. Annalise convinces Asher not to testify, then makes a deal with the DA office to free her client and make sure that Emily stays out of her case, in exchange for incriminating evidence against his father. With Oliver’s help, they find out that Helena Hapstall gave up her biological son for adoption, making him a prime suspect with a motive. Oliver hacks into the missing son’s computer, not knowing that he hacked him back and is now aware that they know about his existence.

I ship Coliver alright, but I think it’s a bit naive of him to carelessly hack into someone’s laptop and not think that he can be hacked back. Maybe he is craving for adventure? He does feel like part of the gang now. I guess the seeds have been planted for more Connor vs. Annalise in the near future then. Wes vs. Annalise is also a sure thing now given how she lies to him continuously. And of course, Asher vs. Annalise is also in the mix after that betrayal. Only Michaela and Laurel have no reason to hate her so far. Perhaps they will also do, in the future? This season has been unfolding on a steady pace so far, and I like it. They give you just enough bits of new information per episode to sustain your anticipation for the next. What really happens in the Hapstall mansion is still vague for now, but they are gradually laying down the groundwork for a dramatic big reveal. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint. We don’t need something anti-climactic after all this excitement, now do we.

Do whatever you can do to silence the lambs or I will serial kill you.” –Michaela

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