Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 19

19. Skanks Get Shanked
FLASHFORWARD: An ambulance arrives in time to rescue an unstable Annalise as Nate and the Keating Four drop off Michaela to meet Caleb. Four weeks earlier, Annalise gets a call from Nate’s dying wife, who begs for assisted euthanasia. The firm defends a teenage girl accused of brainwashing two other students into stabbing her best friend to death more than 50 times. Laurel steals her phone and proves that she’s a sociopath capable of murder, but Annalise buries the evidence to win their case. Connor questions her methods and leaks the video to the defense, causing friction between the two of them. Levi and Wes butt heads on how to go about discovering what really happened to Rebecca. Their search leads them to the sister of a guy who works at a cemetery, the one Frank contacted to dispose of Rebecca’s body. Asher avoids Bonnie and uses his father’s clout to break away from Emily by providing help in proving that Annalise is behind her husband’s murder. Bonnie confronts him, and tells him that SHE killed Sam.

Sociopaths. Sociopaths everywhere! Or perhaps Psychopath is the more appropriate term? I should no longer be surprised about Bonnie protecting Annalise. That confrontation they had in the previous episode is enough proof that she idolizes her. As the latter wants to put it, she birthed these monsters. She ruins people. But I still don’t consider her as the main villain here. There’s always a choice regarding which path one could and should take. At the end of the day, you are just the consequence of your own decisions, regardless who or what triggered them. The episode is a good balance between the theme of the day and the main recurring plot, which is that of the Hapstall siblings. As usual, everyone continues to straddle the grey area of their very own moral compass. There is no one to hate here, because everyone has a loose screw in the head, and everyone seems capable of murder. Loopholes aside, I really appreciate the excitement present in each episode. That’s important. Otherwise, people will just stop tuning in.

A lot of times I think the world would be a much better place without me in it.” –Annalise Keating

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