Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 17

17. She's Dying
Annalise takes the witness stand and is grilled by the prosecution at Nate’s trial. As he won’t lie under oath, Eve is left with no choice but to openly attack her. As she is continuously slut shamed by ADA Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns) in court, she takes it all out on Bonnie for what she did to Rebecca, culminating in a shouting match. The siblings are arrested for the murder of their aunt, the only eyewitness for the defense panel. With the help of Oliver’s hacking, they discover that the DNA test pointing to Caleb was, in fact, fabricated. Oliver and Connor get into a fight after the former finds out how much the latter’s colleagues know about his HIV+ status. Michaela goes out with a guy named Levi (Matt Cohen), who is later seen by Wes in a photo with Rebecca. Flash forward to blood-drenched Annalise at the Hapstall mansion, it is revealed that Michaela, Laurel, and Connor are also present, him not wanting to leave Annalise but eventually persuaded to before the police arrive. Sinclair’s lifeless body is then seen at the front porch.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE, why am I shipping Evalise??? HAHAHA. They’re so cute together!!! I love how they giggle like high school girls after ruminating on their sexcapades, both past and present. It makes you appreciate the overflowing diversity present in this show in terms of race and sexual orientation. Everyone’s represented! Anyway, the plot thickens. So both prosecution and defense are a literal bloody mess at the defendants’ mansion. Perhaps that Caleb guy is really the murderer? He has been dodgy since this season started. It’s so obvious, though. I’d prefer if it was the quiet sister who is the actual killer. Like, come on, surprise us. Maybe the brother is just covering for her. It looks like they are not going away any time soon either. It’s cool, because we also have the Sam Keating murder case unfolding simultaneously. We can only have so much court drama in one episode, what with all the personal drama going on in the background. Even the Rebecca subplot is still alive and kicking with the arrival of the new guy. Busy sophomore season!

“You screw up again, you’re gonna be the next dead body in this house.” –Annalise Keating

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