Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 21

21. Two Birds, One Millstone
FLASHFORWARD: Frank throws a fit at the hospital as Annalise goes into cardiac arrest, then exits to be seen by the security camera before getting in his car, where an unconscious Catherine lays in the backseat. 2 weeks earlier, Annalise defends a trans colleague who killed her husband. Nate’s wife succumbs to cancer. He stops corroborating with Wes. Wes won’t stop suspecting Frank, so he and Laurel just directly ask him. He denies it, saying the money was supposed to be for Rebecca to shut her up. Frank takes Laurel to family dinner. Annalise convinces Asher not to testify, then makes a deal with the DA office to free her client and make sure that Emily stays out of her case, in exchange for incriminating evidence against his father. With Oliver’s help, they find out that Helena Hapstall gave up her biological son for adoption, making him a prime suspect with a motive. Oliver hacks into the missing son’s computer, not knowing that he hacked him back and is now aware that they know about his existence.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 20

20. Meet Bonnie
FLASHFORWARD: Bonnie flees the Hapstall mansion, hops on a car with Asher, and drives to a convenience store to clean up her blood-drenched blouse at the toilet, as he sneaks out and goes to the police. 3 weeks earlier, she tells Frank and Annalise about him. The two figure out fast enough who Levi is and how he and Wes are playing Michaela to find Rebecca. Connor drinks up after Annalise hints that she’s keeping his car for future blackmail. Oliver is also in trouble for hacking on Annalise’s behalf after the judge questions her means of obtaining evidence illegally. When the group gangs up on Bonnie regarding Asher’s involvement, Annalise lets everyone know how she took one for the team. Wes steals Frank’s storage key and meets up with Levi. Connor, Michaela, and Laurel follow them, exposing the truth. Levi is arrested for possession of meth that Frank planted in his car. Wes finds Frank’s luggage and sees heaps of cash, not Rebecca’s body. Annalise shows Asher a video of Bonnie’s childhood to convince him not to testify.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 19

19. Skanks Get Shanked
FLASHFORWARD: An ambulance arrives in time to rescue an unstable Annalise as Nate and the Keating Four drop off Michaela to meet Caleb. Four weeks earlier, Annalise gets a call from Nate’s dying wife, who begs for assisted euthanasia. The firm defends a teenage girl accused of brainwashing two other students into stabbing her best friend to death more than 50 times. Laurel steals her phone and proves that she’s a sociopath capable of murder, but Annalise buries the evidence to win their case. Connor questions her methods and leaks the video to the defense, causing friction between the two of them. Levi and Wes butt heads on how to go about discovering what really happened to Rebecca. Their search leads them to the sister of a guy who works at a cemetery, the one Frank contacted to dispose of Rebecca’s body. Asher avoids Bonnie and uses his father’s clout to break away from Emily by providing help in proving that Annalise is behind her husband’s murder. Bonnie confronts him, and tells him that SHE killed Sam.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 18

18. It's Called the Octopus
As Annalise lays dying at the Hapstall mansion, her phone rings, but she has no force left to pick it up. Seven weeks earlier, she ruminates on the best strategy for the Hapstall case but is caught unawares by a tabloid feature exposing the siblings as lovers. She lectures about sex in class and its involvement in most crimes of passion as a montage of intimate relationships follow: Asher/Bonnie; Connor/Oliver; Laurel/Frank; Michaela/Levi. Wes later confirms that Levi is Rebecca’s foster brother who wants to find out what happened to his sister, naming Annalise as the prime suspect. Emily continues to blackmail and use Asher as a mole. It is revealed that it was him who stole Annalise’s recorder that night. Annalise dresses up to go to the sex house to celebrate, but ends up knocking on Nate’s door instead. He tells her that he is not saying no, but rather he needs time to think it through. When she finally leaves, Wes is seen inside the apartment, establishing a plot against her from her most trusted apprentice.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC): Episode 17

17. She's Dying
Annalise takes the witness stand and is grilled by the prosecution at Nate’s trial. As he won’t lie under oath, Eve is left with no choice but to openly attack her. As she is continuously slut shamed by ADA Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns) in court, she takes it all out on Bonnie for what she did to Rebecca, culminating in a shouting match. The siblings are arrested for the murder of their aunt, the only eyewitness for the defense panel. With the help of Oliver’s hacking, they discover that the DNA test pointing to Caleb was, in fact, fabricated. Oliver and Connor get into a fight after the former finds out how much the latter’s colleagues know about his HIV+ status. Michaela goes out with a guy named Levi (Matt Cohen), who is later seen by Wes in a photo with Rebecca. Flash forward to blood-drenched Annalise at the Hapstall mansion, it is revealed that Michaela, Laurel, and Connor are also present, him not wanting to leave Annalise but eventually persuaded to before the police arrive. Sinclair’s lifeless body is then seen at the front porch.

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