Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[OKINAWA] Star Capsule Hotel

You don’t really have to go all the way down to Okinawa to have yourself a piece of the capsule hotel experience, but since this option was a cheaper alternative for me, I took the bait. I was not really disappointed with the result; in fact, quite the contrary. Besides, the equivalent of PHP1200 a night is not really that bad a deal. The location requires a bit of walking from the nearest monorail station, but not too far from it to be deemed as inaccessible.

The rooms are separate for men and women, and the capsules are like double bunk beds but more compact and strategic when it comes to space management. Each capsule is equipped with a night light, power sockets for both USBs and traditional plugs, a small television and its remote, and blinds that you could draw down to get you some privacy. I think the only downside of this hotel is that the shower room is common for all, meaning it becomes off-limits if girls decide to take a bath.

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