Thursday, March 5, 2015

[KATHMANDU] Kathmandu Guest House

Checking in at Kathmandu Guest House is a big mistake that I now regret, at least when I compare it to Kathmandu Resort Hotel. Now on my third airport drama, “stranded” is an understatement here. Unfortunately, KRH is already fully booked for today, so I had to look for another one nearby and I thought why not KGH? It seems to be THE accommodation for Kathmandu. I was disappointed when I saw the room, and when I found out how slow the internet connection is.

The room is just as big as KRH’s and features twin beds instead of a double. The bathroom is small and does not even have a tub. The blankets are not made of wool and are not thick enough. The only bonus I get is free breakfast, which I supposed would not add up to reach the NPR2000 extra that I paid for this room. Oh well, charge to experience. If only KRH was not fully booked, I wouldn’t have hesitated to stay there another night. As such, I’d say that KGH is all hype. You could find better rooms with cheaper rates.

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